Monday, September 8, 2014

Transferred to Long Beach East.

Love this place!
Hola familia!? What’s up? How was everybody’s week?? This past week was really good! We had a lot of success and found some really awesome investigators.

I am going to miss this great family!!
Well transfers are here and sadly I am getting transferred... dang it!! I hate moving.  I love it here in Compton and I was really starting to get used to things.  I am going to Long Beach East which covers around the Signal Hill area.  I am in the Ximeno branch which I hear is pretty crazy!  Every missionary I have talked to said that they loved Ximeno and LBE.  I’m not moving to far away, but sadly out of Compton.  My companion is Elder A**.   Remember Elder W** from the CCM?  We are actually trading companions.  haha He was with Elder A** and now will be with my companion, Elder B**and I will be with his companion… so it’s really strange.

Crazy wall art in Compton
This week we had more special trainings, but just for the Spanish speaking Elders.  I got to see some of my past companions again and I was so excited to chill with them all Friday afternoon!  Elder H** was the ZL in Ximeno, but he just got transferred to HB North - dang!!   The training was great. The APs and President gave us awesome training on how to become more fluent in Spanish by working on the basics of the language pronunciation and diligent studies.  They also reminded us that we are learning a whole new language and that it is going to be hard, so stop being so hard on ourselves!  (I took that part to heart.)  The language is coming along, and I am hoping to apply their words into my everyday studies and communication with people to really see how I can improve.

The closes I'm going to get to swimming for a while!
So, this week we found 5 more new investigators!! And two of them are legit! We found J** while street contacting after Elder B** got a flat tire and we were walking his bike back home (flat tires are a daily way of life).  We gave him our number and told him to give us a call sometime and honestly, we didn’t think he would act upon it.   Two days later, he called!! haha  This never ever happens! Somebody actually called and it was sweet. He wanted to meet up that night so we did and we had a great “get to know you” lesson.  It turns out that he has always loved our church and how we always want to help people and how we don’t charge money just to attend church every week.  He accepted to be baptized after 2 lessons and said it with no doubts whatsoever!  He came to church yesterday and has a baptismal date for the 28th of this month.  So if all goes well, Elder B** will call me to come back and attend the baptism!

Elder B** - The dessert that almost killed me last week!!
We found P** when we were visiting referrals from the members. She has a son who is living in Utah right now and who is not living the way he should.   He actually was put in jail last weekend.  So this is really taking a toll on her mind. She has relatives in Utah who are members, and she told her son that he should join our church so that he could get out of the troubled life he has found himself in.  haha. We taught her last night and she loved it! She called her family members who are church members in Utah and told them about how she was impressed with our church and what we do and believe, etc.  This family member then called us and thanked us! Pretty cool!!

It’s going to be hard leaving Compton.  Honestly, this is one of the areas I wanted to serve in the most and I am sad I only got 6 weeks here.  There can only be one companionship here and it is rare to get to serve here as a Spanish speaking elder.   I was pretty lucky!   I am excited for LBE and what will happen there. I am glad to have been companions with Elder B**.  He really taught me a lot about obedience and how to be diligent in the work.  Yeah, we had our disagreements, but we made it work and did our best and hopefully we can have some baptisms this month!  Well that pretty much sums up my week.  It’s pretty hard to remember everything that happened, but those were just the highlights.  I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for all the love and support!!

Hasta Luego!!

Elder Woffinden

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