Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Encounter with a Hot Chili Pepper

Hola familia!!

Como fue su semana?? Mine was so long, ha.  Since today is a holiday and the libraries are closed, we have to go to the church to email and there are 35 missionaries all going to the same place this week to send their emails, so today's will be short.

This week was pretty good. On Tuesday, Elder H and I threw Elder P a 21st Carne Asada B-day party, haha. It was awesome! We made almost 4 lbs. of meat and tons of Pico de Gallo with tortillas--it was so good! It was a surprise party for him, so he was pumped to see what we did! I will show pics of it this week. This week we started teaching T’s brother E which is good, but we might have to switch them over to the singles ward elders by the end of this week which means no more teaching the G family. That’s going to be hard because, honestly, they are a majority of the people we talk to/teach now so we are going to be hurtin’ to find new people to teach after this week.

These little guys are HOT!
We were able to get back on our bikes for part of this week which was good. I was happy because driving around gets super boring and you can’t really talk to anyone. While we were riding around on Friday, we saw a huge Chile de Arbol tree outside a home. We stopped and looked and the owner told us that we could take some, so we did, ha. We then took my camera out and took a video of my experience eating the pepper because it was one of the hottest peppers there is, haha. I ate the whole thing and immediately got hit with pain, haha. My comp followed me around with my camera as spit was foaming from my mouth, my nose was running and tears were streaming down my face, ha. To be honest, I was scared because I had never tasted anything so hot before. I couldn’t breathe at all, so I ran to a nearby Seven Eleven store and bought 2 chocolate milks and chugged them down, still with no relief. It was bad! My throat and stomach were in agony for the next hour, but I deserved it, haha. But it was still worth the experience. I am going to send one home to you guys so you can try one to see how you like it!

Well it’s crazy to think that the transfer is almost over and my training as well. I am doomed, haha! My Spanish and teaching abilities are not good enough to be able to talk and teach by myself, so I’m stressing about that. I received your packages on Thursday and am so glad that I did! Thanks again for always helping me out! Well, we are going to the Buddhist temple today so that will be cool.

I hope all of you have a great week!! I’m sorry this email is so short, but to be honest, this week wasn’t very exciting so I wouldn’t want to bore you all to death trying to explain it, haha. I’m doing good things and the language is coming along slowly but surely. We are still in desperate need of finding the "one" to teach and hopefully convert! We have some potentials maybe, but we won’t know until tomorrow! So pray for them to want to listen to us. Thanks again for all you guys do! I have the best family and friends in the world! Make sure to keep me posted on what’s going on in your lives. I promise I will do my best to eventually get back to you all whether by letter or email!

Love you guys!

Elder Woffinden

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Service Brings Blessings

Hola Familia y mis amigos!! Como le va??

Wow this week was interesting.  To start off, the trio we had finally ended on Saturday.  Elder P got a new companion named Elder H so we had to go to LB on Saturday to pick him up and help P move.  It’s nice to be back in a duo that’s for sure!! But it was a good week with him.  He is a very funny and crazy guy who laughs a lot!  There was a time on like Friday where I was saying a prayer and I said, "Nuestro Padre Celestial, Mucho Gusto"   When I meant to say “muchas gracias” haha   We all just busted out laughing during and had to end my prayer there.   So, this week we were on the finding stage, as usual.  We found this house and I think four families live there so it is crazy.  We came to find out that they are less actives and haven’t been to church in a long time! One of their nephews plays pro soccer for a team in Mexico and he was their while we were visiting.  They had this beehive with like a million bees just in their palm tree out front, and they asked us to perform "service" and take it down.   So Elder H immediately climbed the tree with a hose and went to work!! haha   But surprisingly, the bees didn’t do anything to us?  It was weird they just got soaked and their hive ruined but just chilled on the grass.  We were lucky we didn’t get owned by bees!

We still haven’t found too many people that are willing to talk to us a whole lot.  They tell us to get out of here or just ignore us at the door so it’s frustrating.  With Elder P gone we are getting Elder H bike fixed so we can be back out on the bikes!  I need the exercise bad! Plus that’s honestly where we meet most of the people we talk to is at stop lights or just chillin in their front yard, so it’s definitely a bonus being on a bike. Next week we are planning on P-day to go to the Buddhist Temple on Monday just for fun.  I hear it’s freaking sweet and missionaries go all the time on tours etc. so I’m excited to actually do that! I mean I love playing ball every Monday, but it will be nice to change it up.

Yesterday we ate dinner at a less actives home that I have never met.  We got to the house and I could tell that they didn’t really have a whole lot and were very poor so I felt bad having four elders roll up to eat free food.  But this family was so nice and humble! They don’t have a lot, but they made so much food for us it was awesome! The food was soooo spicy, but still the bomb.  I ate corn on the cob with mayonnaise and cheese and something else weird on it... It reminded me of the movie Nacho Libre when they eat the same thing.   It was interesting and kind of gross because I hate mayo and there was an absolute ton on there. haha So I just muscled it down anyways.  But, people like them are the best they are just so humble and give and give.  It makes us appreciate how much we really have in life, and how we are all complainers for the little things.  It was very humbling.

This week is going to be a long one but hopefully we find people to teach!! We have to do two exchanges this week and I am not looking forward to them because it just takes away time where we could be working in our area.  We went on one last week with the zone leaders and it was pretty good.  We actually started talking to T’s brother!  So hopefully we can start teaching his whole family!

Last night we attended another baptism at the Stake Center. The baptism was great.  What’s funny was it was time for the closing prayer and the girl who got baptized asked her very, very old grandma to say the prayer.  So we all closed our eyes and bowed our heads, etc. when we hear her just start talking about her own life and how she lived in El Salvador and what she is thankful for.  It went on for like 5-10 minutes and people were just so confused as to what was going on.

Well I hope you all had a good week and continue to have a good week!! Thanks for all you do!!

Hasta Luego!! Much love,

Elder Woffinden

                           (Jason didn't have time to send any pictures today)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Great To Skype Home

California Sunset

Hola Familia y Amigos!!! Como Le va?? It was so great to be able to skype home yesterday! It was so great to see you all and it amazes me how much the little grand kids have changed in only 3 months! You all looked great and I appreciate all that was said and for all the love and advice. Well like I said, today might be a shorter email than usual.  I’m sorry I’m just not very good at summing up a week into one day especially cause the days all blend together and seem like the same day! ha.  This week was an eventful one for sure.  We actually found two potential investigators on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we are hoping to meet with them this week! But other than that just straight ‘Tocar La Puertas’ which can be crazy because people straight up do not want to talk to us, and they show it in some of the funniest ways!  My personal favorite is, we can see you through the window or where we make eye contact and wave, and they just stare at us and do not move. haha or they just send their dogs out to attack us.

Favorite Trailer Park
Well Friday Elder H and I had a really bad day to be honest.  We just had tons of plans fall through and service opportunities also fell through which are a huge bummer.  However, that night we went too far away from home to search for new people to talk to and we realized it was 8:50 pm and we had to be home by 9. We were about 25 minutes away from home so we just booked it home.  As we were riding home we were almost home maybe .5 miles away when I saw in the corner of my eye a car zoom past me as we were about to turn right onto Santa Gertrudes.  The car either didn’t see elder H or he just didn’t care and just kept going almost hitting Elder H.   So Elder H realizing he is going to get hit by a car turns his bike onto the sidewalk where I was riding (because he was on the curb part in the road) and right then BAM!  We collided and wrecked pretty hard all because the car cut him off.  His bike is completely wrecked and his tire got bent into a literal taco shape from my bike.  We both got knocked off the bikes, but nothing too serious to us personally.   I was just amazed that we didn’t get hit by the car.   Count our blessings!  It is pretty funny looking at it now, but it’s going to cost a lot to fix his bike.  I love riding our bikes around because that’s where you meet and talk to the funniest or craziest people! 

Even learning to speak Macaw

All sorts of investigators
Now since we have a car and a new companion who doesn’t know how to ride a bike, we will have to drive all the time.   Yeah so like I just mentioned, an elder here is super sick and has to go work in the office so his companion is now in our companionship. It was crazy moving Elder P into our house yesterday.  It took us about three hours so our night was shot.  We have to go pick up his mattress today in our little red Toyota Corolla and have no idea how that’s going to work.   We couldn’t find a member with a truck to help us so hopefully it all works out!!

Saturday we performed service for Hermano E and it was great! I love service!
 1) It makes you feel closer to God and  2) It makes you feel like a normal person in normal clothes. haha.
We just did demolition of his backyard.  Lots of digging up of dirt, cement and weeds all that fun stuff.

Our favorite sign!

Well, that pretty much sums up my last week!   I am hoping for a real successful one this week! The language is coming along slowly, but time and practice makes perfect so that’s my motive.  There is a quote from PMG that I really like and it says, "After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel" - Prophet Joseph Smith.  That quote is so true and it just helps me realize that no matter how hard the days are the only important part is that you are trying and just preaching to the best of your ability!

Well I gotta bounce some Elders called me out on playing B-ball today so I gotta go show those fools up.  haha   Have a great week!! I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Hasta Luego!! Nos Amo Todos!!

Elder Woffinden
What's Up!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Tough Week, but We Got a Car!

Hola Familia!

Gracis por su email! I really enjoy reading them. Okay, sweet, I am trying to find a member to use their computers etc. for Skype, so pray that we can find one because it is rare out here! I’m surprised, usually they have computers, but a lot don’t, so I hope we can find one.If not, I will for sure call. It will probably be later in the afternoon on Sunday after church and all our meetings etc.That’s great to hear about Ty’s party!! Man the big 30!! haha. Dang, Ty is getting old! What did you guys make cake wise or eat there? Good job Lindsay for throwin' a bumpin' party! That’s awesome to hear about your mission papers, mom and dad! I’m super excited to see what you get! You guys will be blessed for your service and look at the blessings that you already received from your mission service out in Magna.

Well this week honestly was a hard one.We had J tell us not to come by anymore. Not sure why?  He just
Elder H wearing his "thinking cap" during study time.
texted us that, so we are pretty bummed because he really is a solid guy.  He has the faith and testimony, but he just doesn't want to change his life.   It’s understandable,  I know life styles are super hard to change! Look at me now, ha ha.   I’m just a stud. (jk) But really, I just feel so bad for him because we viewed him literally as a friend and it's just hard to get dropped like that.  

We had to do exchanges with two "sick" elders this week which meant two days were wasted doing absolutely NOTHING. But you know what, I got some good reading time out of it, plus our apartment is super organized and clean now! So last night we went to a house around 8 pm and it was dark, but we didn’t hear a dog bark or anything which is rare because everybody has pit bulls down here. As we were leaving the door, a German Shepard just bolted and is freaked us out so we booked it like 20 feet to the fence and cleared it effortlessly,  haha. We were losing our minds, the dog was so close to biting my leg I thought I was about to give up the ghost, haha. (jk) It was my first terror experience with guard dogs.
My Zone in Whittier.  What, didn't I shower this morning?

We had straight zeros all week for lessons taught, nobody was home or they just ignored us. We had 2 Noche de Hogars fall through, and 1 even for today we just found out. It’s hard because we really are trying so hard and our area is pretty white too. We now have to go into areas even further out to find people. But I’m okay with it now because we got a car. This transfer just ended, it was only 5 weeks for some reason.  But they finally gave us a car, ha! We are stoked. We honestly won’t use it that much cause we actually really enjoy biking, so who knows. President Tew had surgery on his stomach a couple days ago. I’m not sure why, but just pray he will get better soon. He is a super great guy! I honestly am just praying for success this week. There are days where I feel like my prayers don’t even leave the ceiling, but I guess that’s just my lack of faith.  I need to work on patience with others and especially myself.   We are speaking together in Spanish though! And I am usually the one who now gives spiritual scriptures at dinners with the members.   But, I’m doing alright. Don’t worry about me. But I’m super excited to hear and see you guys on skype! (hopefully) I miss you guys. Have a great week! Les Quiero!!!

Hasta Luego Familia!

Elder Woffinden