Monday, May 12, 2014

Great To Skype Home

California Sunset

Hola Familia y Amigos!!! Como Le va?? It was so great to be able to skype home yesterday! It was so great to see you all and it amazes me how much the little grand kids have changed in only 3 months! You all looked great and I appreciate all that was said and for all the love and advice. Well like I said, today might be a shorter email than usual.  I’m sorry I’m just not very good at summing up a week into one day especially cause the days all blend together and seem like the same day! ha.  This week was an eventful one for sure.  We actually found two potential investigators on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we are hoping to meet with them this week! But other than that just straight ‘Tocar La Puertas’ which can be crazy because people straight up do not want to talk to us, and they show it in some of the funniest ways!  My personal favorite is, we can see you through the window or where we make eye contact and wave, and they just stare at us and do not move. haha or they just send their dogs out to attack us.

Favorite Trailer Park
Well Friday Elder H and I had a really bad day to be honest.  We just had tons of plans fall through and service opportunities also fell through which are a huge bummer.  However, that night we went too far away from home to search for new people to talk to and we realized it was 8:50 pm and we had to be home by 9. We were about 25 minutes away from home so we just booked it home.  As we were riding home we were almost home maybe .5 miles away when I saw in the corner of my eye a car zoom past me as we were about to turn right onto Santa Gertrudes.  The car either didn’t see elder H or he just didn’t care and just kept going almost hitting Elder H.   So Elder H realizing he is going to get hit by a car turns his bike onto the sidewalk where I was riding (because he was on the curb part in the road) and right then BAM!  We collided and wrecked pretty hard all because the car cut him off.  His bike is completely wrecked and his tire got bent into a literal taco shape from my bike.  We both got knocked off the bikes, but nothing too serious to us personally.   I was just amazed that we didn’t get hit by the car.   Count our blessings!  It is pretty funny looking at it now, but it’s going to cost a lot to fix his bike.  I love riding our bikes around because that’s where you meet and talk to the funniest or craziest people! 

Even learning to speak Macaw

All sorts of investigators
Now since we have a car and a new companion who doesn’t know how to ride a bike, we will have to drive all the time.   Yeah so like I just mentioned, an elder here is super sick and has to go work in the office so his companion is now in our companionship. It was crazy moving Elder P into our house yesterday.  It took us about three hours so our night was shot.  We have to go pick up his mattress today in our little red Toyota Corolla and have no idea how that’s going to work.   We couldn’t find a member with a truck to help us so hopefully it all works out!!

Saturday we performed service for Hermano E and it was great! I love service!
 1) It makes you feel closer to God and  2) It makes you feel like a normal person in normal clothes. haha.
We just did demolition of his backyard.  Lots of digging up of dirt, cement and weeds all that fun stuff.

Our favorite sign!

Well, that pretty much sums up my last week!   I am hoping for a real successful one this week! The language is coming along slowly, but time and practice makes perfect so that’s my motive.  There is a quote from PMG that I really like and it says, "After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel" - Prophet Joseph Smith.  That quote is so true and it just helps me realize that no matter how hard the days are the only important part is that you are trying and just preaching to the best of your ability!

Well I gotta bounce some Elders called me out on playing B-ball today so I gotta go show those fools up.  haha   Have a great week!! I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Hasta Luego!! Nos Amo Todos!!

Elder Woffinden
What's Up!

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