Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Encounter with a Hot Chili Pepper

Hola familia!!

Como fue su semana?? Mine was so long, ha.  Since today is a holiday and the libraries are closed, we have to go to the church to email and there are 35 missionaries all going to the same place this week to send their emails, so today's will be short.

This week was pretty good. On Tuesday, Elder H and I threw Elder P a 21st Carne Asada B-day party, haha. It was awesome! We made almost 4 lbs. of meat and tons of Pico de Gallo with tortillas--it was so good! It was a surprise party for him, so he was pumped to see what we did! I will show pics of it this week. This week we started teaching T’s brother E which is good, but we might have to switch them over to the singles ward elders by the end of this week which means no more teaching the G family. That’s going to be hard because, honestly, they are a majority of the people we talk to/teach now so we are going to be hurtin’ to find new people to teach after this week.

These little guys are HOT!
We were able to get back on our bikes for part of this week which was good. I was happy because driving around gets super boring and you can’t really talk to anyone. While we were riding around on Friday, we saw a huge Chile de Arbol tree outside a home. We stopped and looked and the owner told us that we could take some, so we did, ha. We then took my camera out and took a video of my experience eating the pepper because it was one of the hottest peppers there is, haha. I ate the whole thing and immediately got hit with pain, haha. My comp followed me around with my camera as spit was foaming from my mouth, my nose was running and tears were streaming down my face, ha. To be honest, I was scared because I had never tasted anything so hot before. I couldn’t breathe at all, so I ran to a nearby Seven Eleven store and bought 2 chocolate milks and chugged them down, still with no relief. It was bad! My throat and stomach were in agony for the next hour, but I deserved it, haha. But it was still worth the experience. I am going to send one home to you guys so you can try one to see how you like it!

Well it’s crazy to think that the transfer is almost over and my training as well. I am doomed, haha! My Spanish and teaching abilities are not good enough to be able to talk and teach by myself, so I’m stressing about that. I received your packages on Thursday and am so glad that I did! Thanks again for always helping me out! Well, we are going to the Buddhist temple today so that will be cool.

I hope all of you have a great week!! I’m sorry this email is so short, but to be honest, this week wasn’t very exciting so I wouldn’t want to bore you all to death trying to explain it, haha. I’m doing good things and the language is coming along slowly but surely. We are still in desperate need of finding the "one" to teach and hopefully convert! We have some potentials maybe, but we won’t know until tomorrow! So pray for them to want to listen to us. Thanks again for all you guys do! I have the best family and friends in the world! Make sure to keep me posted on what’s going on in your lives. I promise I will do my best to eventually get back to you all whether by letter or email!

Love you guys!

Elder Woffinden

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