Monday, May 5, 2014

Tough Week, but We Got a Car!

Hola Familia!

Gracis por su email! I really enjoy reading them. Okay, sweet, I am trying to find a member to use their computers etc. for Skype, so pray that we can find one because it is rare out here! I’m surprised, usually they have computers, but a lot don’t, so I hope we can find one.If not, I will for sure call. It will probably be later in the afternoon on Sunday after church and all our meetings etc.That’s great to hear about Ty’s party!! Man the big 30!! haha. Dang, Ty is getting old! What did you guys make cake wise or eat there? Good job Lindsay for throwin' a bumpin' party! That’s awesome to hear about your mission papers, mom and dad! I’m super excited to see what you get! You guys will be blessed for your service and look at the blessings that you already received from your mission service out in Magna.

Well this week honestly was a hard one.We had J tell us not to come by anymore. Not sure why?  He just
Elder H wearing his "thinking cap" during study time.
texted us that, so we are pretty bummed because he really is a solid guy.  He has the faith and testimony, but he just doesn't want to change his life.   It’s understandable,  I know life styles are super hard to change! Look at me now, ha ha.   I’m just a stud. (jk) But really, I just feel so bad for him because we viewed him literally as a friend and it's just hard to get dropped like that.  

We had to do exchanges with two "sick" elders this week which meant two days were wasted doing absolutely NOTHING. But you know what, I got some good reading time out of it, plus our apartment is super organized and clean now! So last night we went to a house around 8 pm and it was dark, but we didn’t hear a dog bark or anything which is rare because everybody has pit bulls down here. As we were leaving the door, a German Shepard just bolted and is freaked us out so we booked it like 20 feet to the fence and cleared it effortlessly,  haha. We were losing our minds, the dog was so close to biting my leg I thought I was about to give up the ghost, haha. (jk) It was my first terror experience with guard dogs.
My Zone in Whittier.  What, didn't I shower this morning?

We had straight zeros all week for lessons taught, nobody was home or they just ignored us. We had 2 Noche de Hogars fall through, and 1 even for today we just found out. It’s hard because we really are trying so hard and our area is pretty white too. We now have to go into areas even further out to find people. But I’m okay with it now because we got a car. This transfer just ended, it was only 5 weeks for some reason.  But they finally gave us a car, ha! We are stoked. We honestly won’t use it that much cause we actually really enjoy biking, so who knows. President Tew had surgery on his stomach a couple days ago. I’m not sure why, but just pray he will get better soon. He is a super great guy! I honestly am just praying for success this week. There are days where I feel like my prayers don’t even leave the ceiling, but I guess that’s just my lack of faith.  I need to work on patience with others and especially myself.   We are speaking together in Spanish though! And I am usually the one who now gives spiritual scriptures at dinners with the members.   But, I’m doing alright. Don’t worry about me. But I’m super excited to hear and see you guys on skype! (hopefully) I miss you guys. Have a great week! Les Quiero!!!

Hasta Luego Familia!

Elder Woffinden

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