Monday, April 28, 2014

It's P-Day Again. This Week Went By Quick!

Hola Familia! 

Out in a California downpour, it felt great.
How are you all doing? I’m doing pretty good! Just soakin' up the Cali sun every day! It rained here so all the smog and haze is gone. Now we can see the mountains and downtown LA which is sweet! That’s good to hear about how you are thinking about doing another mission.   

 Well this week went by very quickly. I can’t believe it’s already P day again! We had an investigator go to jail this week and she got sentenced to 5 years in prison for selling like $20K worth of Meth, so yeah pretty crazy. It is really sad because she left behind six kids. A couple are in and out of jail themselves, but the others are just young little kids and they are now living with their grandma. They are always talking about how "mommy is a bad person". It’s really hard to hear them say that, and we just try to help them as best as we can so that they aren't so sad about her leaving.

The LA Temple is beautiful, even at 6 AM.
Well, besides that, all of our other investigators pretty much ignore us and they are not making times to meet with us this week. We have only had  two set lessons, and the rest of the time has been spent knocking
At T's chicken farm. Check out the hat!
doors and riding around on our bikes. We did participate in a Helping Hands service project on Saturday which was good! We helped clean up Whittier’s parks and raked leaves and trimmed bushes, etc. It was like four hours long, so I can now officially say I have done a service project on the mish!  

Last night we attended a baptism for the B family. There were four people in the family and the baptism was packed. The whole ward came. It started at 7 pm and we soon realized that the B family and also the ward mission leader, Hermano C, weren’t even there. Eventually they showed up at like 7:20 and it started. It was actually a really good baptism!  Elder M, our Zone leader, baptized one investigator and then realized he had his camera in his pocket! So his camera is ruined and all his pics are gone! That was pretty sad.   

Elder H has a slack line and we like to practice in the park on P-day.
We went out to lunch with a member on Saturday afternoon and I tried octopus. We went to this seafood place. The octopus was pretty awful! It looked like a purple mess with all of its tentacles and suction cup things. It was like eating a gummy bear, at least the texture part, haha.

Besides that, this past week was really quick. I am also looking forward to calling home on Mother’s Day! I’m still not sure yet on the details as to when I will be calling home, but I will keep you posted!  Hopefully this upcoming week we will have more success! We just need to work and pray harder! The Lord will put people in our path in his place and time. So we just gotta have faith.

Well I hope you all have a great week! Sounds like everything is going well back home.  I miss and love you all! Stay safe!

Elder Woffinden

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