Monday, April 14, 2014

We Are Having Our First Baptism on Easter Sunday!

Hola familia!
Hey it’s great to hear from you! First, I’d like to say that next week we are going to the temple so I will be emailing on Tuesday not Monday because that will be our P-day, just a heads up.

Today we got to go to Signal Hill.  The view was fantastic!

So yeah, T is getting ready to be baptized on Easter Sunday! I’m so happy!  We are excited, but also nervous, haha. We hope everything goes the way we want it to. I attended my first baptism here on Thursday which was good, but kind of chaotic.

Well, I’m sorry to hear about everybody getting sick! That sounds awful. I had to go to the doctor here today, haha. Yeah, so I guess I have some kind of skin fungus infection thing that has been spreading for the past couple weeks. I had to go get a prescription today to help with that. Yeah, gross I know, haha. Today I also went to Signal Hill in Long Beach
Behind me you can see the Queen Mary...kind of.
and got a view of downtown Long Beach, the Queen Mary and the spot where we picked up our cruise ship, so it was awesome getting to do that! On Saturday we went to Seal Beach. I wish we could have gone onto the beach, but we couldn't, so we just looked at it from our cars, haha. It was great though! The smog here makes it so you can never see anything from a distance, so actually seeing the ocean was awesome.

How did Dad like Toronto? I’m excited to get the package! We are seeing everybody get packages here and we feel left out, haha, jk. I’m super jealous that Dad gets to do that bike race, that sounds awesome! I want to do one when I get home. I basically bike 50 miles uphill every day here anyway so I think I’m ready for one, haha. My companion is from Phoenix, your favorite city! Well, I hope you guys have a great Easter week; you will be missed! I wish I could be home for it.

It was great to see Seal Beach and the ocean,
even if just from a car window.
Well, this week was good and bad, but that’s just a normal missionary week, ha. It was full of biking all around town to people pretending to not be home even when we can see them sitting watching TV in their living room.

This week was, once again, another very hard week for me with the language. I froze while giving a spiritual thought. All eyes were on me and I was so embarrassed. This language is beyond frustrating. Yesterday we had 3 investigators come to church that we started talking to this week! So it was great having them show up. I was going to bear my testimony since it was Fast Sunday, but I got up on the stand and the bishop told me to bear it next month.  Yeah, not sure why!??  I was super bummed about it, but, whatever, it’s all good.

Mom, send more money for groceries.  I'm ready to eat just about anything!
Lizard's Tail

Have a great week. Thanks for all your support and love and know that you're all in my prayers! Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Elder Woffinden

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