Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hot Week in Pico!

Tree of all trees!
What’s up my family and friends!!?? How is everyone doing?? First off day lo siento mucho porque me olvide el dia de los padres!! Pero feliz dia de los padres ha-ha. How was everybody's week?? Mine was pretty good! We had a pretty solid week and also had a lot of good times. To answer some questions that were asked, I will start with the BofM reading. No, sadly I did not finish.  I got really behind and stressed out with some things that popped up during the week so I decided to change my goal to two weeks and to have it done by this Friday night. I know, I’m a failure!  It was just too quick for me to accomplish at the time. And as for the baby bird he actually died, not sure how.  We just came home one day and he had just killed over in his "homemade nest" so that was lame. But yeah other than that, I am ready to have a great week and now to tell you about what happened.

Feeding our little bird
Okay to start, we have been working with 3 people or investigators this week and all three are doing pretty good. On Wednesday night we brought J** to our church and had a little church tour/lesson with the bishop there. It was a great lesson and he literally loved our "temple" he kept calling our church a temple.  He said he felt very welcomed and that when he can get time off of work he will for sure be stopping by for the services. He and the bishop clicked off really well so it was a perfect member to bring out for the tour. With J** and Y**, they are two sisters that both have no real beliefs in God or in anything really religious. We taught them separately on different occasions, but both lessons were similar and it was just establishing knowledge that there is a God and that he is here and cares for them. At first they were both sorta hard hearted towards the lesson, but towards the end they completely opened up and I could see the mental light switch turn on inside their heads. Y** had a great experience when she realized that her making an attempt at a prayer the previous day, to a God she didn't know existed, was the reason why we came knocking at her door randomly on a Saturday night. She was able to realize that God has already answered her with help and all she needs to do is commit herself to trying to learn more and speak to him daily through prayer. Sadly none of them were able to come to church due to "Father's day"plans, but I am praying really hard for this upcoming Sunday.
This week we also have been working with Hno B**, the Elder’s quorum president, and by visiting more and more LAs in the ward and in trying to reactivate a large part of the ward. It’s going to be a ridiculous amount of work, but I hope in the future the retention rate will be higher than it is now. On Saturday we were able to do yard work for J**, one of our recent converts in the area, by cleaning up her back yard.  She is the coolest person ever and she is the type of woman who has 2.9 billion things to do all at once and can never catch a break or sit down.  It reminds me of somebody I know ( mom) ha-ha. However, I know that she is under extreme amounts of stress and needs help so we went over and mowed her yard and cleaned up her place for her. I know she wasn't able to express it with words but I could tell how much the help meant to her and that is the best kind of reward is seeing burdens lifted off people’s shoulders.
Did he get transferred to Tahiti?
On Saturday, we had a ward Father’s Day picnic at Los Nietos Park and it was super fun! They had great food, music and all sorts of games for everybody to play. They even brought a rope to play tug a war against the missionaries. Ha-ha. All the missionaries are pretty big guys in the ward and so they felt it was necessary to dethrone us I guess.  They had like every member possible that they could pull against 8 missionaries. Ha-ha Sad to report that we barely lost :( (Ego bruised) But revenge will be sweet once I can hit the gym again! But it was a great break just kicking back throwing the football and having some fun.
Hand extended.  Where is the bride?
Last night we had a pretty rough night with no success and I was pretty low; however, we had a prompting to go by a LA named C** who lives at our apartment building. Not knowing why, but we went anyways and knocked on her door. She opened it and was all, “Sorry, it’s a really bad time...” We asked her if there was anything we could do to help her that night? She paused and was, “Do you have a hammer?” What??? “A hammer? What’s up?”  She then showed us how her ex BF had come by and broke down her door and broke the door frame and lock etc.  She was very sad and so we decided to go get a hammer and nails and fix the door the best we could until she could get it replaced. The reason I am telling this experience is because sometimes as missionaries, we feel that teaching every night is the only way to have success, but I learned last night that helping people with simple acts of kindness is a success and one of the best that we can do on a mission.
As for Elder B** and I, we are on our last week of this transfer and are pretty sure that one of us, if not both of us, is getting transferred outta here. Not sure what will happen, but whatever happens, happens I guess. Things are going great and I am super happy to be here! The work is hard and unbearable at times, but I always seem to find a way out of the funks and get back on my feet. Hope all is good back in the 801! Love you all a ton!!
Con mucho Carino

Elder Woffinden

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