Monday, February 17, 2014

First letter from the CCM

Hola family! I have made it here in Mexico City and wow it is HUGE!! So many people and the city is massive and very crowded and dirty with lots of graffiti, stray dogs and people selling food in the middle of the roads or fire dancers in the road performing haha im not kidding. It is mountainous here so i feel sorta at home.

It took 3 hrs to get from the airport to the MTC haha we were waiting for more elders to come and the vans were late to pick us up. We are all about to go eat and i am starving! The Elders and Sisters here seem really cool i am about to go meet my companion in like 10 minutes. The MTC is beautiful and very big the facilities are so nice and it looks like i will enjoy my stay here! (hopefully) haha.

Just wanted to say that i made it safe and am doing okay there is a big culture shock right now but it will pass im sure. 90% of the missionaries i have talked too are from either salt lake or utah county so we all get along very well. I Love you all and look forward to hearing from you guys!! Thanks for all your support and love! Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Elder Woffinden

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