Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Third Week in CMM

Buenos Dias Mi Familia y Amigos!!

The CCM Campus. It's been hot, but it finally rained.
Thanks so much for the email, I love hearing from you. Okay well this past week was so good and so hard at the same time. I will start off with the hard part. The language is coming very slowly as I expected and it’s not easy when that’s all your surrounded with.  We have been teaching investigators for two weeks now and we had been struggling with being able to speak.  I understand about 80 percent of what they are saying, but actually having to come up with sentences about the gospel and everyday life is my difficulty.  However, we did get one of our investigators, Jorge, to commit to baptism!  Even though his real name is Hermano Cruz and is a teacher here it still was good to have that feeling even though I think it was out of pity.  Ha-ha.

I love the colorful cement houses here.
Sundays are fantastic here. They are full of devotionals that consist of movies such as the Testaments etc. and devotionals with General Authorities.  We watched a broadcast of David A. Bednar, and it was awesome. He spoke with such power that I literally felt like it was directed to me.  It was about turning away the natural man in us and becoming more like Christ.  He said that we can’t only live off of a testimony we have to be fully converted to the knowledge to really be happy and to stay active after our missions. He said you will never fall away if you are fully converted and that it is not my mission, it is the Lord's and I am here for the people not myself.  So my zone and I decided to only pray for others and to not once mention ourselves.  We are hoping that we will see the difference it will make in our everyday thoughts and actions.

Yeah, it really does look like a prison.
Now having said that, yesterday was one of the most humbling days of my life.  My companion and I were feeling a little over confident with our investigator so we found out that they had assigned us a new one and her name is Leslie. She spoke sooooo fast and we couldn’t understand her at all. We had been joking around and didn’t have the Spirit with us which is a big a no-no here.  You will never convert someone about anything you say no matter how flattering your speech is or your looks.  The Spirit had to be there and it wasn’t. So therefore we couldn’t speak, it was awkward and she had no idea what we were talking about it was just a mess.  So I was very unhappy last night and we decided to all promise to never let that happen again because it truly was humiliating for me.

I'll be there in just a few weeks.
Wow I'm glad you all are doing so well! Words can’t describe how much I truly miss you all. Can't believe tomorrow will be my third Wednesday here in the CMM, it really has gone by fast! HA so here I think I already mentioned, but some days we go completely without power. Ha-ha. It is crazy having to do anything without it. There is a stomach virus going around and people are getting very sick, three in my zone already in a week. I think it's the water,  but I'm not sure. Pray for me so that I don’t get it cause it is nasty! Oh it rained last night. I was so excited. It has been very hot and humid here so I had been hoping to see some rain and it did, but only for like a minute but it still felt so good.

My basketball buddy, Elder Fowlks is now serving in Chile.
My friend Elder Fowlks left yesterday for his mission to Chile. It was sad seeing him leave, he was my basketball buddy and we would play 1-on-1's all the time, and of course I would win.  Ha-ha.   He is from West Jordan and I got his email so I hope to keep in touch. I am sending you guys a photo of us today.

There's a gym right over the fence from the CCM.
So near, yet so far! Did I mention they call me
Superman here?
I almost forgot, all my teachers here call me Clark Kent, ha-ha, because they think I look like Superman. It is so funny, everybody calls me that now.

I miss you all so much! I look forward to Tuesdays more than you know. I am getting a free haircut today which is great.  I hope you all have a great week! I love you guys and miss you all so much. Stay safe and make sure to represent that Cali Flag for me, haha. I can call home when I arrive in the Phoenix airport on the 25th so I look forward to that! Don’t worry about me, my struggles are very little to what other people's are.   You are all in my prayers.

Much love,
Elder Woffinden (aka Superman)

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