Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Days Are Going Super Fast, It's Insane!

Buenos dias famila y amigos! Wow another week already? The days are going super fast, it's insane! This week was a very interesting one full of ups and downs just like any normal week would be ha.

Like my new tie tac?
First off I would like to wish Dad a happy birthday coming up!! I won't be able to wish you one on your actual b-day but I can now haha.

We have only been able to travel through the city for a little bit and from the CCM to the temple it is about a 30 minute drive because there is so much traffic, and people are literally the worst drivers down here, like it's terrible.

Superman should have a Superman
pillow case, right? You should
see my jammies.
Dad how is the skiing? The snow good? I miss snow believe it or not and I have been gone for a month tomorrow! Feels like I have been in here for a year sometimes cause nothing changes ever.  Yeah the spanish has improved a ton! However whenever I go to the tienda (store) It is like I don't speak Spanish at all haha. They are impossible to negotiate with and talk to here. They just sit and point so I ask in the best spanish I can if I can use Google translate on their computer so they can understand me haha.

My roommate, Elder Carr.
Tell Bishop D what up! And that I miss working for him.  Seriously the CCM gets super boring at times.

The food here is getting worse everyday.  They are either running out of ideas or are just blending everything up and serving it on a platter cause I have never eaten so much pollo y beans ever. I'm sick of it. They made hot dogs on Sunday which I was so pumped for until I saw that they had like a radioactive redish color and they tasted like chicken so Im pretty sure they just dyed chicken red and called it hotdogs.  haha.

Elder Thomas, leaving for Ecuador.  He's a
great man, and he goes to the U.
Tell Annee I love and miss her and that she is in my prayers. I hope her horses are getting well. Also happy birthday to Peyton coming up! Wow 3 already thats crazy to think about!

Good luck on your talks in church! I have a talk story I would like to share as well today. So now with the
talk in church story. Every week we have to prepare a talk in Spanish on a random topic and we don't know who speaks, they just will randomly call you up to speak to the zone so it's pretty exciting. So of course I get called up second so I was just like, fabulous, my talk is horrible.  I just prayed to the Lord and asked that he would help me with my pronunciation and with my Spanish in general. My talk went well I thought, it
Elder Leech, one of the funniest guys I know.
I'm going to miss him.
wasn't too bad, but I didn't think it was good at all.   After Sacrament Meeting, Elder Thomas, Elder Ralphs and also the branch president and his counselor came up to me and were like, wow Elder Woffinden, you spoke fantastic! We understood every word and we're not just saying it. You sounded like you were fluent in Spanish! WOW is all I can say, what a blessing that God heard my prayer and helped me with my talk! I know the story isn't that exciting, but it really made me happy throughout the day.

Elder Dougherty and I are doing great with our investigators as well. We don't even go in with any papers, notes or anything, just the scriptures and faith that we can have the spirit and it all works out. The teachers who play investigators make up fake lives to act out, but what we have found out that it is most of the time their own personal conversion story or somebody they know in their life, so it's so great to have that experience and to practice it everyday. Hermano Trejo and Hermana Valquez say we speak great and really listen to what the investigators needs are, which is the true purpose of missionary work.

Sleeping here is impossible haha especially on the weekends. They have raves, literally techno music blaring all through the night and our casa is right by the wall so we hear everything. It's terrible, plus the majority of the time I really enjoy the song because it was on my phone back home.  haha.

I hope everybody is well and enjoying themselves back home! I love and miss you all a ton. 2 weeks from today I leave for Cali. I'm very nervous, but also excited.
My District, District 5B.
Our oldest district left for Ecudaor and 1 to Colorado and another to Cali late last night. They were all awesome missionaries and such great examples to me personally! I know I'm not the best missionary and I struggle everyday with doubts and frustration and temptations, but I'm glad to have had examples like District 5C to help me in my stay here! Btw I am in District 5B if you were wondering mom or anyone. Well have a great week and stay safe! Love you all so much! Hasta Luego.


Elder Woffinden

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