Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Week In Whittier

On our bikes
Hola mi familia!! Como le va??  It sounds like you all had a great week! I’m jealous about the dirty dash!! Sounds super fun! Lots of good times running in the mud of death! haha Yeah, Bubba is here now and I see him about 3 times a week.  He is now teaching T’s brother, E (our investigator that we had to turn over to the single’s ward) They are lucky that we prepared him so they could baptized him! Ha ha  I’m jealous!

This past week has been pretty good, not very successful again but it was still good. We had more bashes again. haha  I swear that’s all our area wants to do is try to fight with us and prove us wrong….it’s crazy. We knocked on a door and a guy answered and was "Oh, the anti-Christs are here!" (all in Spanish)  He invited us in to show us his shrines of La Virgin and Los Papas (the popes)  He started crying saying you are wrong! I am a disciple of Christ! I am! Not you! You are all wrong, etc. We just stood their confused as to what was happening.  We told him who were and why we were there which he rejected and so we left.
Knott's Berry Farm in the distance

The next day we went on exchanges and I went with Elder C who is from AZ, but is a native to Argentina. We had tons of crazy stuff go down.  For starters, we were contacting somebody when we saw a car just stop in the middle of the Leffingwell Intersection.  It was just stalled and wasn’t moving.  I knew for a fact it was because they ran out of gas so I dropped my bag and Elder C and I ran and helped the driver push her car out of the busy road.   She was Latino, and so what a perfect opportunity to help her with service and then share a message. haha. So that’s what we did. We walked with her quite a ways to go get a gas can, and then helped her fill up her car.  As we did this, we talked about our beliefs and we shared Mosiah 2: 17 with her.  We testified about that scripture and how we are always out looking to serve our fellowman. She didn’t want to have a return appointment, but hopefully we left a good impression of missionaries for a future date!  Later that same day, we contacted 5 different people all who accepted to hear our message.  A couple wanted the address to our church and our numbers (of course this isn’t my area).

Chillin in the hot sun! 
Right as we were talking again, we saw a dog come running by us followed by a pitbull barking and losing it’s mind in the yard next to us.  Within seconds that dog somehow escaped from the gate and bolted to the other dog.  This started a crazy fight right next to us.  So we tried to break it up, but it was pretty nuts and there was a couple times I thought I was gonna die.   haha   We did eventually grab the pitbull and throw the crazy animal back to it’s yard.. it was insane.Ha ha  Exchanges were good, I just wish we had that success in my own area. Our area is pretty dead still and we daily contact a ton, but nobody wants us to come over or they just fight with us. We did find two good potentials last night, so we pray that they are going to come through this week because they are golden!!

This week marks the last week of my training and I am 90 percent sure Elder H is leaving the area.  It’s sad because he is a solid comp!  It will be strange getting a new companion. But I hope that he is a super chill, hard working guy because our area needs a lot of work!  The Spanish is coming along little by little. It takes patience, which I lack.  I am hoping to get a native comp because I want to practice and begin to copy them and their accent to sound more official. haha. People are amazed to see two white guys speaking Spanish and they comment on it all the time with their eyes wide open. haha. It’s great when they are talking bad about you and you just walk by and say,  “Hola Hablamos Espanol Tambien” and the look on their faces, its priceless. Ha   But anyways, that’s about it for my week!  Still in the finding of people, but I hope you all have a great week and I love hearing from you all!  It’s packed at the library today so I don’t think they will give us more time.  I’m sorry if I can’t email all of you back!!  Thanks for all you do!  Love you all!

Hasta Luego!

Elder Woffinden

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  1. That was a really laudable thing you did there in helping those people out and dealing with the car. It's really quite a bummer to have those cars die out at such moments. Though it's a good thing that we'll never run out of solutions when those things occur. Kudos to you!

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company