Monday, June 16, 2014

Transfers are Here, I Get a New Companion

My District in Whittier
Hey Familia!! How’s it going?? Thanks for the email they are always appreciated! Also thanks for all the letters and things you send me! It really makes my week better. Well this past week flew by! I am officially done with my training and Elder H. leaves tomorrow in the morning for LB East.  Lucky him because that’s the area that is having the most success. haha   But it’s crazy to think it’s over.  My new comps name is Elder H. and I will meet him tomorrow.  Hopefully, he is a cool dude.  I know nothing about him so sorry.  Well, this week was good, we taught some really cool people and got two new investigators this week.  They are just like

Me and Elder Pecht
the normal nice friendly catholic people who just let you in because they can’t say no.    Maybe they will turn into something down the road who knows.   We also taught a less active lady this week her name is A. and she is awesome! She wants her 21 year old son to serve a mission, and he honestly hates us. haha   I told her my experience in the best Spanish I could and it was great.  She started crying and my comp and I almost did too! The spirit was so strong there!  She came to Stake Conference on Sunday, too so I am really happy for her!  I hope we can work with her sons because I know exactly what’s going on in their heads and I feel I can help them, but they just hate us so... who knows.  We talked to a ton of crazy people this week.  You can find some of the funniest people just walking or riding along the streets.

After mountain biking, I thought I could use a bath.
We went mountain biking today for starters! It was awesome and it felt so good to do something really fun for once!  Yeah the mountains here definitely suck compared to home.  However, it was nice to get out of the dirty smog.  This past week we talked to J (an old former investigator).  He let us in because he was watching the World Cup just like everybody here (I will explain more later), but basically it was to tell us that he watched a video about Mormons and how now he doesn’t ever want to be one. It was an anti-LDS video which just filled his mind with all sorts of crap and crazy stuff!  It was awful and we tried to talk to him about it, but he just wouldn’t have it.  It was hard losing J because he really was like a friend to us, not just a guy we used to teach.   
Taking in the view!
We had to leave and probably won’t see him for a while.  Now back to the World Cup, wow it is crazy here. ha-ha People in our ward and in Whittier in general are losing their minds over it!  Nobody answers the door or phones because they are watching Mexico or another team play.  Honestly, I don’t blame them because I would be too, if I was home.  It just makes missionary work hard. We had a baptism we attended yesterday and the people of the ward didn’t come because the Argentina game was on at the same time.  It’s sad because the girl had nobody there to fellowship here besides 11 missionaries and a few members.  It definitely makes our work harder because we had lessons fall through because the people were too drunk when we got to their homes, and so there was no point teaching them while they are intoxicated.

LA has the worst smog ever!
It’s crazy to think I’m getting a new companion though!  It’s already been 12 weeks!  Once I get used to somebody, I now have to change.. it’s weird.   A lot will now be on my shoulders since my comp won’t know the area and my Spanish isn’t what I wish it would be.  This transfer could be the one where my Spanish and teaching abilities grow because I will now be forced to do a lot more which is good, but it will be hard for sure.

We are having a going away party tonight for a couple Elders at a ward family’s house so I will get some get photos for you all. I hope your week was good, and I hope you all have a great upcoming week!  Thanks for all you do, I really appreciate it. Stay safe and know I love and miss you all very much!  Hasta Luego!

Elder Woffinden

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