Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Elder Woffinden!!

Early Morning Run along the Pier.
Hola mi familia!!! What’s up??  How’s everyone doing this week?? It’s crazy to hear that it is in the high 60s back home in the middle of February! It’s just like here only a little cooler.  Ha-ha. Well this week is one of my favorite weeks of the year because my B-day is tomorrow. Whoo!!  22 years old…wow I am getting to be an old man... crazy.  I am also excited because it’s my year mark.  I can remember the days in Whittier when I never ever thought I would get to this day... but now it’s here and I can’t believe how fast time flies. Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh wait, I don’t have a valentine so I guess that one doesn’t apply to me.
Okay well to start, this week we had another rough week out here in Long Beach. There were a lot of good and positive things that happened, but the part I will first explain about is our area. So with our investigators, we are sadly losing them one by one.   L**, C**, and S** have completely fallen off the map. L**'s boss told her that if she wants to have a job she will work Sundays or lose her job. She has been ignoring calls, texts and appointments with us.  C** doesn’t live in our area which makes it really challenging because we can only rely on calling her to set up times, but her reply is always "Si Dios quiere"... which just means if God wants it to... which is always no!!  If you hear someone say that, they are saying "no" in reality.. just an FYI.  It’s been really hard not being able to teach them because it leaves us with so much extra free time to just roam around and knock and contact which is always the best ways to do missionary work. Ha-ha

Elder B and Ja at Buffalo Wild Wings
However, we do have an investigator named R** who is doing awesome! We have had three bomb lessons with her and they honestly have been some of the best lessons I have ever taught.  The spirit has always been super strong when we teach her. She has a baptismal date for the 8th of March, but that is if she will be ready.   We don’t have a whole lot of people to teach and we have had tons of ones and dones lessons and people saying they want to learn more.   We show up the next day and they tell us to get lost, so it’s a struggle.

Wagon rides with a friend!
We have a mission rule and standard where we have to teach every single night.  It doesn’t matter who, but we have to teach. You can’t just hangout or walk around doing nothing which I completely agree with. This rule has made us really develop some great relationships with the members! Especially la familia F**. Last night we had a very powerful lesson and were able to score two member referrals from them!  They have truly helped us out a lot here in the branch and have made it clear that they are grateful for all that we are trying to do for them. That is always good to hear!   We have been teaching D** every Tuesday and Friday!  This guy is bomb! Sadly he will be moving back to Mexico in 2 weeks so we won’t be able to teach him anymore.  He is one of the prepared ones we look for and will be baptized eventually. On Friday, we brought him a brand new hard back cover Bible with our names inside the cover, etc.  So when he does get baptized, he will remember us. ha-ha.  Not a whole lot has changed we are just really grinding it out here in LB.

Elder O. doing the BWW Challenge
Not a whole lot happened this week.  We did however add another missionary to the Buffalo Wild Wings champion ranks.   Elder O** did the challenge on Thursday and barely made it in time, he had 30 seconds remaining on the clock.  He has joined the ranks of me, Elder C and Elder P.   We have four Elder's pictures on the wall at the BWW representing the LB missionaries. Whoop!  Whoop!

The mission is going good! It’s very hard, but it’s very worth it at the same time. The language brings its own struggles and stresses, but I am improving each day especially with taking "classes" with some of the members every week.  Ha-ha.  I’m doing good!  I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for all you do and also thanks for the B-day package!! I just want to open everything already, but can’t till Tuesday!  Ugh!  

Have a great week, you’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

Love you!
Elder Woffinden

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