Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Love the Month of February!

Hey what’s up! Thanks for the emails! I always look forward to reading them every p-day. Sounds like things are pretty normal back home. Yes, very aware about Super Bowl Sunday, it was on my mind a lot and when I found out the Seahawks lost I was livid! Ha ha  Oh well, if I don’t stop now I’ll be talking about sports all day.

Well another week has come and gone and we're now in February!  It’s personally the BEST month in my opinion :) ha-ha   It is crazy how I am coming up on my year mark pretty soon! I had a sister from the MTC send me a letter last week and she was talking about how she only has 6 months left! WOW!!! That was a reality shock to me! But anyways, this week was a pretty successful one if we’re going to count numbers for us. Ha-ha We found 4 new investigators which was a huge blessing! We are in a desperate need for more people to teach. Three of the new ones were from referrals we received early last week so it was awesome.  Sadly, the most solid one is moving back to Mexico in 15 days for good... He wanted us to teach him at a local park which I am usually not down for because they usually never show up.  However, he was there like 30 minutes early.  Ha-ha. We had a great lesson with him.  I have never seen anybody so excited to contribute and share thoughts and beliefs in a lesson. Towards the end of the lesson we were sharing with him the BofM and explaining how it’s the key to receiving answers about what we have shared.   When he found out it was "free" and he didn’t have to pay for it he about cried. Ha-ha I’m not kidding he was super happy! This man will be baptized in Mexico, no doubt in my mind.

This past week we also found and have been teaching a woman named M** and she is from El Salvador. She is an older woman and she is so cool.   She has just tons of energy and just lets all 301 grand kids she has running around each lesson climb all over her pull her hair, clothes, jewelry etc. I don’t think she really understands what we are trying to teach her as it is a bit noisy during lessons. Who knows what will happen with her. We weren’t able to teach C** besides on Monday which was a real bummer! She is our Golden investigator but works a ton and doesn’t live in our area since she is the friend of a family in the Branch. However, we are planning on seeing her this week so I will for sure keep you updated next week.

As for L** she is really starting to struggle. We can see that we are literally in “spiritual” warfare out here. It’s no joke!  She has been having trials and problems popping up left and right and even stopped reading in the BofM.  We missed her all week since she cancelled three of our lessons.  Two of those lessons, we had a branch member planning to attend.  However, we saw her on Saturday night and were able to talk over some things and to help build her up.  Her biggest problem is that she just barely got a new job and she works every Sunday from 8- 1 pm, which is when church is... yeah big problem. We decided to teach Sabbath day early and to promise her that if she has faith and prays for help from God to get the courage to take Sundays off or to change her hours that the Lord will help her to come to church. She is a little skeptical about it, but I really hope and pray she is able to.

Well that’s about it for our investigators this week. Mom you asked about M**, she moved to TJ Mexico... so no more of her I’m pretty sure.  As for my new companion, we are doing great! We get along really well even though he is quieter than most of my other companions. He plays the guitar and is actually really good so I am hoping to take some free lessons here pretty soon.  Ha-ha. He is a good teacher and has very good Spanish for the time he has been out.

As for other events that happened. Last week Elder O**and his greenie Elder B**got called to the hospital to give an older Hispanic woman a blessing who was dying. Elder O**called me to come with him since he needed another Spanish speaker.  I agreed to go. It was super sad when we arrived and she was all hooked up on machines and gasping for air with her family all around her. I didn’t know what to say.  We gave her a blessing for comfort and especially for her family.  I was sad to hear that she died the next day.  I just hope her family is okay.  Anyways, that about sums it up for me.  I hope you all have a great week! Love you all lots!

Mucho Carino,
Elder Woffinden

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