Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Buen Dia!  How has everyone been this past week?? I hope you all had a great Easter weekend and also conference weekend! Thanks again for the emails and love sent back from home, it’s always greatly appreciated here.  Also thank you so much for the package! I love the new suit it is amazing! Mom and dad you’re the bomb!

Well another transfer has come and gone, it’s crazy how fast they are starting to count down now. I guess I’ll start with the transfer details.  ha. Well I am staying here in Pico Rivera and Elder A** se va a LB 16 or Paramount which is actually right next to my old area in Compton. I also found out that Elder B** is now going to be in Compton in my old area so that was cool to find out.  He'll love that area (minus the stolen bikes and flat tires on a daily :)) ha-ha.   My new companion is Elder B** and he actually started his mission and lived in the apartment I am now living in so he is coming back. Ha-ha from what I have heard by talking to him on the phone he is "thrilled" to be back. But I am ready for the change and for whatever this next transfer may bring. My district is going to be awesome however! Elders W** from the MTC and Elder T** from Ximeno and Whittier are coming up here so I am super excited to be in their district and serve around them again.
Okay well now for me and the wonderful week I had! Mostly true but also some sarcasm hidden in there :) ha-ha This was conference weekend which pretty much dominated our whole entire weekend. It was great however! I don't know about you but the whole Saturday session pretty much slapped all of us elders in the face telling us to go home and get married to start our eternal families.  ha-ha.  I loved all of conference minus the fact that I got food poisoning late Saturday night and was up all night throwing up and having other fun bowel problems... so I got no sleep and spent the night on the bathroom floor and also my living room floor watching D&C videos. When it was time to go to conference, I couldn’t get up off the floor since I was so weak and tired from vomiting all night so I had my companion and 2 other missionaries give me a blessing to help give me the strength to get off the floor and go to conference.  It worked! I wasn't cured and still felt awful the whole time but I was able to attend which was a blessing.

Well now for the rest of the week, Elder A** and I had a pretty decent week of work. For some reason we keep having "one and dones" with investigators.    They seem interested and then have absolutely no desire to hear any more so that has been a challenge for us up here. But, we have been having some great success with C**(the 10 yr. old) we had 2 “sermon on the mount” discussions this week.  I call it that because whenever we teach her there is always without fail 6-8 little kids from ages 5-13 sitting there and listening to us.  So every time we leave we say that we had our "sermon on the mount" for the day. However sometimes it feels more like a day care trying to keep the kids under control and from hitting each other, etc. This time, we saw one of them had finger nail polish with them so they decided to paint elder A**’s nails to keep then distracted while we taught C** and R**. It was a pretty good idea I guess.

On Friday we had a really cool find of a young guy named G**.  We contacted him while he was walking past us on the street and I saw he was wearing a South Park t-shirt which I have to admit I have seen that show at least once or twice in the past.  So I contacted him and we ended up picking him up as a new investigator after teaching him lesson one.  He said that he felt that something was missing in his Catholic faith and wanted to find out what.  I immediately was ready to pounce on that gesture and invited him to church etc. However he already had Easter plans so he couldn't attend, but next week hopefully! Also this week we started teaching G** and S** on preparing to enter the temple to become sealed as a family!! First time doing this so I was pretty rusty and clearly don't have any experience with marriage, etc.  They want us to come by every Tuesday to help them prepare for the temple which is pretty cool!  They said that whenever they get sealed, they want us to attend! That would be amazing to witness! Pray that all goes well for them. Well to summarize everything else up, there is a lot of work to do here and it is overwhelming at times to see how much needs to be done in such little time.  These things just take time I guess so vale la pena! (it will be worth it.)

That's it for me!! Hope everyone who reads this knows how much I love and appreciate them! From family, friends and people I have been privileged to serve around and get to know on my mission, I love you all!  Keep livin life up and remember, No se den por vencidos!! (never give up.)

Con mucho carino,
Elder Woffinden

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