Monday, March 30, 2015

Feliz Semana Santa!

My third time to the Buddhist Temple.  I always love it.
What’s up everyone!? How’s it going this week? Thanks again, as always, for the love and support for me! I hope all is well and that you all had a great week. As for me, I can’t complain. This past week was a pretty good one, but of course there was also some hard times as usual, but to start off, I will talk about the work and our investigators we have now.

This week we had a couple investigators drop us out of the blue, so that was pretty frustrating. It’s always hard receiving a text saying they are no longer interested and that we don't need to come by anymore. However, we have been working with the C** family and even set a baptismal date for their daughter, S** for the 26th de Abril! This family is super solid and love having us come over, but they are very, very Catholic and even invited us to attend their church with them on Easter Sunday which was awkward. I have never been asked to attend another church from an investigator before. We said that we would have to talk it over with our president first (aka no, haha). They are progressing really well all together. The mom even told us that she prayed to see if it was right for her and her family to be talking with us and she received an answer of yes! This will just take patience just like everything in life. Of course, I am the type of missionary who has no patience and always wants things done right now and not later, so hopefully things will turn out.

Since Elder A** and I are losing investigators every week, we are still hitting the contacting and knocking pretty seriously. We found 5 weak investigators from our efforts and have some lessons lined up for this evening and tomorrow so hopefully we can help them all to realize that this is something they have been searching for. One of the tools that has helped us a lot is, Gracias a que El Vive (or He Lives) which is the new church Easter video which is helping us to remember that Christ lives and guides us in these days just like the days of old. The two minute video is really good and has been a great source for contacting out here so I would highly recommend everyone who is reading this to check it out and share it with your friends! The church keeps coming out with these bomb ideas and short video clips which really do help out a ton! As of right now we have S**, C**, and A** are moving forward toward their baptismal dates in April, so please keep them in your prayers as they op through life's battles and challenges of trying to change and accept the gospel.

Feels good to take a break at a service project.
We also have been working with the recent converts and less actives in our area R** and J** who was baptized in January, and hnos. C** and M**. M** had his wife pass away recently so we have been teaching him all the lessons again especially the Plan of Salvation to help build his spirit and desire to continue to come back to church. R** has been progressing better than anybody I have ever seen! She and her mom both gave talks in church yesterday and they were awesome! For only being 12 years old, she is very smart and strong in the gospel. We can tell by how she is teaching all the little girls and boys who live around her so she is a future missionary for sure!

Now to the service part of the email :) Being back here in the Whittier area is good because there are many different ways to find and offer service here! From the food shelter where we have been working every Tuesday to a company called Helping Hands for which we did yard work for this past Saturday. We helped a couple older ladies (2 different houses) with their yard work in the front and back of their homes. The work was mainly trimming bushes and trees and weeding so it was all work I am very familiar with, haha (thanks to Dad and Grandpa D) haha. I was the bush trimmer and cutter which was pretty fun since the lady said she wanted her trees to be cut into the shape of "eggs"??? Why? I have no idea, maybe for Easter? Who knows, but we did our best to make eggs out of her bushes and trees, haha.

Well to close, I almost forgot to mention that on Temple p-day we went to the Buddhist temple again! It has now been my 3rd time going there and I love it every time! I will for sure take you all there when we visit the mission in the future. Elder A** and I are both doing well. We’re working hard and trying to strengthen this area which is in desperate need of strengthening! It’s crazy to think how Easter is this Sunday and is also the end of the transfer! Will I stay or go? Who knows? Cast your votes before Saturday! I love you all and hope you all have a great week! Thanks again.

Con amor,

Elder Woffinden

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  1. Third time to the temple and no monk converted?