Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Week of Blessings

Most recent baptism!
Hey!! What’s up everyone!? How was this past week?? Thanks again always for the emails and updates on your lives it’s always so good to hear from you all and to receive pictures now and then. Also thanks for the pictures of Tucker you sent!!  Aha.. He really is a tiny little guy, so cute.

Yesterday was a good day because we were able to confirm R** a member of the church! I’ll admit I was a little sad because at the last minute she decided that she wanted Elder A** to do the confirmation.  It was a letdown, but oh well it was her decision. We are happy her family is doing well and grateful her mom is super active again which is awesome! Her dad and two brothers do not want anything to do with religion.  At least he came to support R** at church.  But when we asked if he wanted to talk with us, he immediately shut us down. Hopefully, later on in his life.

My new comp - Elder A
Well this week was a pretty long and HOT one for sure! I will admit I don’t miss being up in the Whittier zone sometimes because it really is a whole lot hotter here than down in Long Beach which is crazy since it’s not too far away.  It was a deathly hot week visiting potentials and formers trying to help strengthen and increase our teaching pool that we have. It was very successful and we did find a couple potentials that have some interest in hearing what we have to say. One of these is a young girl that we contacted after a long afternoon of no success. We were just heading back to go to dinner. To be honest, I don’t know why it’s always the people you don’t expect to contact that turn out to be the ones who have interest rather than the ones who we always talk to and they usually just tell us to get lost. Ha-ha.  After about 10 minutes of asking questions etc. she turned out to be a super cool find and was really willing and interested in us coming by to her house to teach her some more which was great! What makes this story cool is that after the contact we left and walked probably another 10 minutes and saw this older woman walking towards us. Again the thoughts of let’s just go by her and get dinner came to my mind, but I decided to talk to her as well and it turned out to be another great find!  As we finished the contact and were writing her information down, we noticed that her address was the same as young girl from our prior contact. We asked her if that was her daughter and she said, “Yes” all shocked.  We found a family that might accept the Gospel just by talking to people on the streets even when we didn’t want to. So advice to future missionaries... swallow your pride and just talk to people and it all works out! 

One of my investigators
We we had run out of plans, we also had another "miracle prayer" find.  When we turn it over to God, he always pulls through!  We found a woman named M** while praying for which door to knock on for someone teach.  We ended up teaching her lesson one and she was surprised because she said that the JW's had talked to her a couple of hours before so she was wondering why she was getting all this attention. Ha-ha.  It was a great lesson, and we later found out that her sister who was pretending to be sleeping on the couch was also listening the whole time and wants to find out more as well! So that was pretty cool!!

Another great investigator

Also this week we have been working a lot with the LA's and even members in the ward. We performed service for a member by cleaning his house and washing his blinds to these gigantic windows he has in his house with these small tiny brushes... Gotta love service, but sometimes you just wonder why you are there.  He also wanted me to translate the bill he had received from the phone company because he was getting charged for something.  I had no clue what the charge was for so I felt super stupid as he just stared at me looking for answers. 

Well I’m pretty much out of ideas as to what to say...  Oh before I forget, next week is the temple week for us so P day will be on Tuesday instead of Monday! Also a birthday shout-out to Dad today!! Happy birthday Pops love ya! But thanks again for all you guys do for me, I hope to get the package you sent soon and also be looking for the suit I sent home today and let me know on the details! Have a great week.

Elder Woffinden

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