Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Baptism This Week!

More wall art in Long Beach 
Hey!! What’s up everyone!? Wow I am amazed to hear the news about Ashley and the baby!! It’s crazy, I’m going to have another nephew today.  Wow so sweet! Make sure to send me photos por favor :) Hope all goes well Ash you have my prayers and love! But it sounds like everything is going well back home.  I am still amazed to find out and remember how many family and friends are either pregnant or getting married or something else... It’s overwhelming sometimes. Ha-ha I am so clueless out here but it’s all good.

Sooo Pico Rivera is different and I reallllllyyy miss Long Beach. This week was a pretty average week, but I do have some great news! We’re having a baptism this Sunday!! Elder A** and his companion found a girl a week and a half before I came to Pico, and we just set up a date for her to be baptized.  It will be on Sunday, March 8th!  She has been doing great and has been to church every single week so she’s ready.  She is 13 and her mom is actually a member but has been LA for a very long time. She is super cool and is super solid and is so excited for her baptism!

Last pose with Elder B** before transfers
The area here is all biking and is pretty big, we are always biking which I hate.  I'd much rather walk and talk to people rather than bike and act all creepy stopping people from the road with our ghetto helmets, etc. ha-ha. Elder A** and I had a pretty good week to start off here.  It was very, very long which is normal for the beginning of a new transfer in a new area, with a new companion and investigators etc.   Elder A** knows the area very well for only being here for one transfer.  It’s a completely different ball game compared to Long Beach.  We don’t have a whole lot of work as of now and there are a lot of one and done investigators that they had when I got here.  We have been weeding them out to try to find the people with the best potential.

Our neighbor in Long Beach
Elder A** is from Austin, Texas and has been out on his mission for one transfer less than me so he will be hitting his year mark pretty soon this month.  He is a really super nice guy and very obedient. He is a good elder and really likes to work hard so I am hoping for us to really see some good progress here in Pico Rivera.  The ward is very different and I am sort of surprised that it’s a ward. It’s about the same size as the Ximeno branch for membership, but from what I have seen they all seem to be very nice and friendly which is really good.  My apartment is great! It’s like four times bigger than my last one in Ximeno. Ha-ha   I can actually move around and not feel so cluttered! Also we have an oven, disposal, and many other things that actually work in the apartment so that is a bonus! There is a member family that lives below us and he is the bomb!  I think he calls us every day to tell us he has either food or some form of gift for us.  We got three boxes of Little Caesars pizza one night or sandwiches with milk or juice.  It’s pretty cool living next to some awesome members.  My zone is Huge! Ha-ha and Yes,Elder B** is my Zone leader now. It’s great because we get along great! We had a zone service project on Saturday from 8 am to noon and we were supposed to be performing yard work etc. for these two homes. When we showed up, we had like 30+ missionaries and 20 other volunteers who all showed up to this little older couples house to perform yard work such as weeding, mowing the lawn and pruning trees, etc. It was pure chaos!!  So many people for not very much work... and sadly their lawn was all weeds so all the grass is now gone! :/ I’m glad it’s p-day and I can rest today and get my thoughts together of what we’re going to do this week.

Going to miss this great family
I have seen some big changes in myself these past three weeks.  My Spanish has improved tremendously which really takes away a ton of stress! It’s true being a senior companion really puts everything on you.  It’s either you sink or swim out here.  I hope all is going well for everyone back home!! Good luck Ash and Brian with the baby today!! Super excited for you both. I love and miss you and can’t wait to see photos. To everyone else, you’re all awesome! Thanks so much for your prayers and love towards me and all my investigators! Please continue to pray for R**, V**, and J** back in LB!!! I miss them so much and pray they can get baptized soon.  Love ya’ll.

Hasta luego mis amigos!!

Con mucho Carino,

Elder Woffinden

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