Sunday, July 26, 2015


Early Morning on Huntington Beach!

What’s up!!! WOW Feliz Cumpleanos to my brand new baby niece born today (July 20th)!! I can’t believe another one has already arrived. How many is that since I have been gone?? 3 or 4?? I lose count. haha. But congrats Brooke and Tanner on the new baby girl! I can’t wait to see pics!! Also happy upcoming B-days this week to Grandma Davis, Annee, and to the greatest woman ever mi Madre en la semana que viene:)

Wow where do I begin with this week, we had a great one for sure! We found 9 new investigators and have 4 investigators who have high hopes of getting baptized within the next couple weeks or months talk about cool! We also had a specialized multi zone "finding training" which was pretty cool and also were able to teach an English class to about 8 Latinos this week. Haha so it was pretty eventful.

To begin, I’ll start with how the work is going. AWESOME but freaking hard at the same time. Like I explained earlier we have four investigators who will be baptized if not soon or in the near future. . Every one of their situations has its own problems however. A** and J** have the problem of their fathers will not allow them to get baptized at this time even though all of A** siblings and mom are already members and J** just turned 18. M** can’t because her "husband" aka boyfriend of 20 years won’t marry her and they have children so obviously splitting them up isn't an option. And L** is still not being able to come to church because of his leg. They all are progressing great but it’s gotten to the point that we both have not a clue in what to teach them anymore! We are left clueless and have no idea at all since they have been taught it all for a while now.  We did find 9 new investigators this week by knocking and going by potentials and formers so it was good to add more people to the teaching pool. Three of which we are really excited to work with this week and to pass by very soon.

On Tuesday we had a member in the stake have us come and teach the weekly English class to a group of about 8 people. Haha Man it was super fun! We figured we could all help each other so they would pronounce the sentence in English and we would have to do it in Spanish so we all were getting help. I had to make it fun and not boring so of course I got a little animated with some of the sentences that I would create on the board or with some questions I would ask them.  They would just laugh and had a good time so it was a success!

We have both been doing really well and our area is really starting to turn around.  I’m sorry this email is a short one, I just don't really know of anything more to say.   I love and miss you all and hope everything is okay back home and that the moving situation gets finalized as well! Thanks again for all you do for me and I look forward to your emails next week :)

Con carino,

Elder Woffinden

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