Monday, August 10, 2015

Another great week!

Cute D's baptism

This email was from July 27,  2015.
Feliz cumpleaños a mi hermosa madre!!! Hope you have a great 35 birthday :) haha I for sure look forward to getting photos of all the b day jazz and of my new niece, baby Summer!!

Wow, well another week has come and gone here in Huntington Beach.  I can’t believe it sometimes. I am headed towards the sunset of the mission and I can feel it.  It’s weird. The very last of my friends from Ximeno, Compton and old Whittier days go home in two weeks.  Crazy, I will be left a lone man in this dreary world of new missionaries, ha-ha  Well we had a sorta slow week, it was not as eventful as the past couple weeks.  However there is great news! Yesterday I was blessed to be able to go to cute little Daniela baptism!! She is 10 and got baptized around 4 pm yesterday! It was great to see her family and the little Ximeno branch that I truly came to love. The service was great and the food and mingling with old friends afterwards. I hope you get the photos I sent home?? Daniela has asked that I do the confirmation of the Holy Ghost next week at their church which of course I will do! I am pumped for that! Also I heard from Elder B** that Y** from Pico Rivera is going to get baptized this coming Sunday!!! WHOO!! I pray it all goes well and I am super excited to attend that. The Lord has for sure blessed me and the people I have been privileged to be around and serve.

Great times in Ximeno branch 
Okay so as for our area it has started to die down just a little bit, we have had to drop some investigators and others have either been doing the classic one and done or just moved??  You get excited for lessons and plan your whole day on working with a certain group of people but when they ditch, cancel, or ignore us it’s always hard, but that’s missionary life. A** has been out of town so we haven't been able to teach her and her cousin J** that we picked up but she has been super busy with her quincenera so has had no time. We have been going by more potentials to find new investigators, but that has been a very sloooow process of work. SO please pray for us to find some good potentials this week!! My ankle is a whole lot better so I have been able to walk more and more and even played soccer and B ball today... haha yeah couldn't resist!  Also this week I was able to go on exchanges with my little "osito" haha Elder V** I call him osito because it means little bear since he is just a small adorable little latino guy, but he's awesome. We had a pretty good exchange in his area and our goal was to help them find that day since they need more to teach and we ended up finding 2 news and 1 of them is 16 and has some great potential! On Saturday morning, we both woke up super early at 5:15am and decided to go for a long run.  We went to "mile square park" which is a mile long on each side so 4 in total and just killed it! Man it felt super good!! I need to burn off these beautiful love handles I have out here! Nah jk!

So creepy story happened to Elder V** and I on our exchange.   As we were walking down this neighborhood we noticed this young girl probably 16 or 17 years old and she was just down the street staring at us and didn't lose eye contact once.   We blew it off and walked a different way towards the potentials house, but as we came to the next street there she was again! haha She had moved and was now staring at us again! We were all what the frick?? So we blow it off again but low and behold it happens again on the next street!! AHH she can teleport and is possessed! haha now we’re like okay she is going to eat us or something. Finally get to the house phew... walk down the alley way to the back and knock on the door. In the corner of my eye, I see a figure down the alley way and so I turn and it’s her hiding behind a car staring at us. Ha-ha! By this time we just dipped outta there. But as we were leaving, she disappeared we didn’t see her again..... sooo weird. Sorry for the completely random story but it was freaking weird. ha.

But things are all good here for me in HB. Hoping to have a better week full of more teaching and baptisms/confirmations this Sunday!! It’s gonna be sweet! Love you all and just want to give everyone a shout out of thanks for the support, emails and love from home, you're the best!

Hasta la semana que viene!

Elder Woffinden

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