Monday, January 4, 2016

It's Been a Really GOOD WEEK!!!

I love singing in the choir!

Hello, so writing emails is getting harder and harder... but I will do my best.

HEY! whats up everyone? So this is going to be a really short but to the point email, so y'all ready?? Okay go!


Thanks, love you all!!

Elder Woffinden

Nah Jokes. So this week really was a good one though! We have seen so much progress and miracles happen here in Huntington Beach that it is truly amazing! Right now we have 7 people who have accepted baptismal dates, 5 of which are for January 23rd!! So it could be a super successful and blessing-filled last Saturday of my mission!! Please keep them all in your prayers! We were able to
Jorge and family at the LA Temple.
have Jorge Xochilt, Naylea and a new investigator we received, Emilia come to church yesterday!! It was so awesome! It's the world's best feeling when you are sitting on the stand in Sacrament meeting translating and you see all of your investigators walk in grab a head set and sit down! We have a lesson with this family tonight and I am pretty nervous honestly for these last weeks...they are working towards being baptized in two weeks and we still have a ton of work and teaching to do! So we might have to push their date back to the 23rd, but overall they are progressing really well. We had to pass off Angie this week to the YSA elders since she is 22 and she is GOLDEN!! I was able to sit in on one of the lessons with her, and she said when they paused for prayer, she offered a prayer in her heart and she said she received an answer and really does want to get baptized!! It was super cool!

The Tree of Life at the LA Temple.
We were able to have a super good church tour this week with Amelia with members Araceli and Leicy. We showed her all  the paintings in the church and explained them and tied them all into the main message of receiving answers to prayers. Once we made it to the chapel we watched the baptism of Jesus Christ from the bible videos then invited her to take as much time as she wanted and then offer a prayer about her baptismal date. She took about 15 minutes then stood up and walked over to us and we asked her how it went and she responds really well! I feel great, however I still haven't received an answer.... ugh I was shocked it was not what I was expecting at all. I learned a very valuable lesson that night about even if you work as hard as you can and are doing all you need to you still need to work within God's timing. So it was hard, but we are still working with her.

I do have some more good news! Last week I received a very interesting call from some sisters in the zone and they asked me if I could do a baptismal interview for their investigator. Of course I said yes. We discussed when and where and then they said, oh yeah, it will need to be in Spanish... umm what?? Why? Because she mostly speaks Spanish, haha. Yeah, so I requested to sit in on a lesson with her so I could watch the sisters teach her and see how much English she really does understand. Well, she can only speak very limited English, and can only read in Spanish and her husband has to repeat things for her in Spanish. So we made arrangements with the sisters to pass her off to us. It isn't a matter of who ends up teaching her, it's all about conversion and understanding in her native language. So we have been working with Emilia now and she is wanting to be baptized on January 23rd!!

 But everything is going good! I'm loving life and the mission is awesome.

Love you all, and see you soon.

Elder Woffinden

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