Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The big day is finally here!! 

Welcome home Elder Jason Woffinden 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - Salt Lake International Airport -  10:12 a.m.

The return of Elder Jason Woffinden.  We are all excited to greet him and are waiting impatiently for him to come down that escalator!!  Six of our grandchildren dressed up as super heros to welcome him home.  While Jason was down in the Mexico Training Center, he was nicknamed, "Superman".  I think some thought he looked like Clark Kent.  Thus, we welcomed home our "Super" hero!!

We are so very proud of Elder Woffinden.  He LOVED his mission and the people he served down in the Long Beach area.  He has "returned with honor" back to his family!  The Long Beach California mission journey may be over, but life's journey continues forward.  There are many exciting times ahead.  Thanks to all who have supported him the past two years.    We love you all!
Love, Elder Woffinden's mom 

Grandkids dressed as super heros to welcome home their "Super" man!

Watching the escalator

The Grandmas

Mom and Dad with a couple of posters

Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa Warren

We see him!!  A tearful Elder Woffinden
Finally, coming down the escalator
Mom's first hug!!

Dad's first hug!

Welcome Home!!!

Ja with Grandparents

Ja with Grandma Phyllis
Ja with Mom and Dad

Ja and Brooke's family

Jason with Ashley and boys (Brian was out of town)

Jason with Lindsay's family

The Brighton High group reunited!!  Best group of guys!

The airport welcome home group!!

Welcome home sign at the corner of our new neighborhood!
Yellow ribbons and signs down the street to our home.

Welcome home sign with CA flag!  The little flag flew outside
our home for the entire two years.  It is a bit ragged!

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