Monday, July 21, 2014

Successful Week

Hey what’s up!! How did everyone’s week go?? Mine was pretty good… can’t complain! Sounds like a lot of great stuff is going on back home and you all sound like you’re doing well!

For me, this week was a long one, but it was a pretty successful one which I am pleased with. On Monday, we received a text from SLC headquarters and it was a referral of a family that attended the temple and loved it, and wanted to learn more!  What’s awesome about this is that Elder H** and I have specifically been praying for a family to teach and have been having no success whatsoever.   So this was a huge answer to our prayers!  So cool!!  We have been teaching them and it’s amazing to see how prepared they really are. They are so happy with us coming over and their 9 year old grandson is always asking to be the one to say the closing prayer at the end of the lesson.  It’s pretty sweet to have a blessing such as this one.

"C" and us 'reppin' the West side!
We also have been teaching C** a lot more this week and he hasn’t had a drop of alcohol for about two weeks now!  He looks so much better and we can honestly see a change in his countenance and he is just more positive now. He is having a problem with coming to church though.  He has promised for three Sundays in a row that he would come to church, and he fails to show.  It really is hard because he can’t truly progress unless he comes to church, but hopefully this week he will!

We have been doing awesome with the member present lessons! The ward is starting to become more and more active in the missionary work, and we are seeing the success from it.

Hermano "N" - super cool guy!
So this week we found out that one of our investigators, R** was involved in a "drive by" with a gang this week. We honestly spend 50 percent of our time each week on this street.  We are always seeing sketchy and crazy stuff going on, but haven’t had any problems with gangs.  I guess the gangs just respect us because we are spreading the "word" and they don’t want to mock God… so to say.  It’s still super crazy to think that I am in these neighborhoods all day long.  R** wasn’t hurt thankfully!  There are cars with bullet holes everywhere here so I guess we should have seen the warning signs!  Oh well, we don’t care.. ha we just go and do our thing.  

Baking soda water!  Yum!
So our apartment this week decided to give us "baking soda" water literally from the tap. The water here in CA is terrible! I will send a pic of what is still looks like, it’s nasty!! Transfers are next week and I really hope I don’t get transferred because I really want to keep teaching the people we are working with. I am also starting to get a better feel for the area now so I hope I don’t leave. Elder H** and I are doing good together, too and we really know how to have a good time even when the days are rough. The true test of faith is learning to put a smile on even in the worst of situations or times. There, that’s my word of advice for you all.  

So like three weeks ago we were called to give a blessing to a woman who said she was trying to quit smoking. We arrived and started talking and getting to know her.  We then asked her who she would like to offer the blessing. She picked me (of course) haha   I was pretty nervous because I have only given a handful of them in my life, and each time I get super anxious and nervous. But anyways, I gave her a blessing and was prompted to tell her that she would quit smoking by her date she had set…the 13th of July.   She has stopped!!  A couple of days prior to her “quit day” we went by and she said that whenever she got the urge to smoke she felt grossed out and said that she could literally taste every single chemical and bad thing in them and it made her sick.  She also noticed that she can now taste her food better!! So another miracle from God… pretty cool!  

Well, I hope you all have a great week!! Thanks for all you do and have done for me!!  Sorry this email is short, but I hope you all have a great week!!

Hasta Luego!!

Elder Woffinden

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