Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm Being Transferred to Compton!

Love this family.  I am going to miss them!

HEY WHATS UP! How’s it going!? How was everybody’s week? I didn’t even realize that the 24th of July was this past week, ha. I totally forgot! But, I am glad to hear that it was a great week for you all. Well, transfers are here and... I am getting transferred to the Long Beach 16th Ward and my new companion will be Elder B. I will move tomorrow. I’m nor sure at what time, but I’m sure it’s going to be crazy, ha. I honestly don’t want to be transferred; I really like it up here in Whittier. The people are awesome and I have made some really great friendships here. I have had a lot of great and crazy experiences up here in the "Black Hole," haha. I am excited to get to be in Long Beach, but it’s always awkward the first week of a new transfer, especially when my new comp and I are going in with no experience in the area at all. We won’t know anybody and will probably spend the majority of our time knocking and contacting in the streets which can be very tiring and gets old fast, ha.

My good buddy, Bob.
This past week was pretty good! The past 2 days seemed like 2 years though since I found out I was getting transferred on Friday. So I was just going around and saying goodbye to all our investigators and member friends. C came to church yesterday with his girl friend,ha! Forty-five minutes late, but hey, they at least showed up! He really enjoyed church and the members were very friendly to him and were talking to him for quite some time, so hopefully some friendships were made there. We have been doing very well though. We have been teaching the A family which is our miracle-find family, and they are awesome!  I’m pretty sad to leave them! Elder H is becoming a trainer so he will have a brand new greenie from Mexico tomorrow, ha, so good luck to him! I wish I could stay to teach them, but I guess it’s time for me to move on. The family is super humble and I can tell they are going to be awesome in the church later on in life! They already have testimonies that our message is true and they can feel a difference in their lives when they are talking about the church and gospel. I really hope that they get baptized because they would be awesome!

Eating My "Goodbye" Dessert.
We also have been teaching J and Y, a family with 5 boys all under the ages of 7, ha, so their house is always a nightmare! We are always having to battle the noise of crying babies and fans and Mariachi music by the neighbors, haha. It’s always an experience every time we teach them. We have recently just taught the Restoration and, of course, they have doubts like all people do. But, it’s good that they have questions because that means that they have been listening and are not just agreeing to everything we say and blowing off our questions, etc. So we are teaching them tonight; my last lesson here in Whittier! It’s gonna be good!

Yesterday we were going by member’s homes saying goodbye and taking pictures all night, but at like 6 PM we decided to go by a guy’s house we haven’t talked to in quite some time. When we got there we were shocked to see him sitting outside with 5 other people just chattin’ it up in the front yard, ha. So we ended up teaching him and his family and picked up 3 new investigators—which was our goal for this week. Up until then, we hadn’t found anybody, so it was crazy that we met our goal on Sunday night, haha. After we went to the C’s and B’s homes—they are my two favorite families in the ward. I just wanted to say goodbye and take some pics with them. When we arrived we saw they had bought me a cake and threw me a little party, haha, it was sweet! The cake had walnuts though... so I had to cut my piece in half and throw away the walnut part so that I didn’t die, haha. But, it was great! I really am going to miss them all! They are all such loving people and it’s always a great time when we go over to their homes.

Goodbye Dessert.
My camera has been having issues all week and actually stopped working! The lens wont pop out to allow me to take a picture. I have never dropped it or anything. It just decided not to work, but thankfully I had Elder H to take photos for me to send to you guys back home! I’m not sure how or when I am going to get that fixed, but I definitely need to so.  If you have any ideas let me know.

Well, that about sums up my week. It was a good week, but I am leaving now so I’m definitely curious to see how Long Beach will be, ha. Long Beach is the ghetto part of the mission and I think Compton and Paramont is my next area, haha, so I’m stoked if it is! But thanks for all you do and I appreciate all the love and letters! Mom I’m glad you got my package! I’m glad you liked it! But, until next week— hasta luego!

Elder Woffinden

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