Monday, August 4, 2014

I Am in Compton

Y and JC and their children
Hey family how’s it going!!   Well I am here in Compton and it’s insane.  I love the fact I am here because I have always loved the image of Compton from all the gangster rap music I listened to back home etc. And believe me, the city lives up to its name! It is very ghetto here and there is trash, graffiti, homeless people everywhere!!  We are white washing which means we don’t know a soul here. It is a new area that opened up so we have to create our own area book from other Elders and just from street contacting.  I have already gotten two flat tires in four days.  The streets here are filled with thorns and broken glass which is a problem for our old missionary bikes.

We have found a couple of people who might show some potential in becoming investigators, but we won’t know until tonight when we go by to see how they are doing.   Church was interesting yesterday.  We have a ward roster of about 700+ people, but only like 100 are active.  The people have been very nice and receptive, and they are willing to do their very best at coming out and helping the missionaries teach the gospel.  We had about six member-present lessons in four days which is crazy!  I never had that in Whittier, Elder B** is a very good Elder at getting people to come out to lessons and to share their testimonies with their neighbors. There is a lot I can learn from Elder B**.   He has the best Spanish among the white boys and is probably the most obedient person I have ever met.

S and her mom, A
 We have met some super humble people here and they are very willing to let us talk to them in the streets! We taught a guy and his family in their broken down RV which is right underneath the I-91 overpass. These people have nothing at all, their house is a wreck and yet they are still willing to let us come in and talk to them.  Crazy!
It is very humbling to me how blessed most of us truly are and how we need to realize that there are people in this world that really don’t have anything.  Yet, they all seem to have the answer to the key of life.  That happiness doesn’t come by material possessions, it comes by the relationships we make and the help we give to others. That is one thing I have learned out here on my mission that I am very grateful for.  
Ja and Hermano C

Jason, T and his brother E
Well I hope you all had a great week!!  Make sure to let me know how you all are doing and send me photos! Thanks again, you are all the best!

Hasta Luego

E. Woffinden

Elder H and I doing our "bike" thing!

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