Monday, August 11, 2014

Week Two in Compton

Jamba Juice Run after District Mtg.
Hey what’s up everyone!! How is it going?? Sounds like you all had a pretty good week! I know it’s crazy for me to think that Jared and Tanner are home!! WOW their missions flew by so fast for me!! I am so glad for the example they both set for me by going on a mission.  It truly helped me out in so many ways!  I am sure they were a 100 times better as a missionary than I am, but I just want to say thanks and welcome home to them!

Okay, week two in Compton! It was a little better than last.  Elder B** and I have been having great success on bringing out the members of the ward to lessons. It’s been really good to build relationships with the members and our investigators. We are still struggling with our area considering we are white washing and we have no real solid leads.  We are still not confident in what we do every day, but we are doing our best!   Getting to know the members as much as possible will make the work 10 times easier for us as they become involved.  

Greatest "church" wall
So this past week we have had a ton of bike issues.  I had another two flats on my bike and then another one on another Elder’s bike (I was using his bike because my tires were flat and I didn’t have time to fix them.)  On Wednesday, we were teaching a recent convert named M** at her trailer park home about how to use “Preach My Gospel” to help her in her studies.  We showed her how she can apply this knowledge of the gospel in her life. The lesson went great and we were just about to head out to our bikes to go to dinner.  We noticed our bikes looked different than how we had left them locked up.  It turns out that we got all four of our tires stolen. It’s very frustrating and we now have to buy new tires sometime this week which blows!  There are just a ton of crazy people here and lots of theft.  

This week we also had to do two exchanges with other missionaries.  Since I have only ever been companions with DLs, I go on them constantly!  On Friday, I was with Elder P** who is a greenie from NC.  He is an English speaking Elder and he came with me to my area.  This was pretty hard for me because I truly got the feel for what it would be like to be a trainer!  I was now reliable for all the Spanish that was spoken and for teaching all the lessons which was a huge transition for me.  Usually, I am the guy who just sits back smiles during the lessons. Ha ha.  Now the spotlight was all on me. Thankfully the day actually turned out really well and we had a lot of success! I honestly feel like it helped my Spanish out tremendously because I was forced to use all my attention and focus on what was being said and apply what I know to help them.  We taught a couple people and the lessons were great!   Elder P** didn’t say anything because he doesn’t speak any Spanish, but I am sure he got a feel of what it is like to teach in a different language… it’s tough!   He is a solid kid and will be a great missionary! 

Throwin up the deuces
Yesterday Elder B** had a baptism in Cerritos that he was invited to so that’s where we spent our afternoon.  It was a nice break to go to a baptism! After, we went and had dinner where they served pig noses and some other weird looking thing all blended into a soup... ha-ha   Yeah it was different!  They also served us water with tad pole eggs in it! ha-ha way weird!  I can’t remember the name of it, but it was just like drinking a slimy, gushy green & black smoothie.  New food adventures!!  We got some good referrals from them.   

To end our night, we taught a girl named J** who is a single mom with two kids. She has been looking for a church to take her kids to so they don’t get involved in the gang life of Compton.   The lesson was awesome and I can tell the she will be one of our interested and progressing investigators very soon!  We just shared with her a couple of scriptures from the B of M and bore testimony of the truth.  I could see it really hit home to her which is great!   That’s about it for this week! I hope you all have a great week and stay safe and have fun!  I am so grateful for you all and for all the time and love you show me.  You all are awesome!! Thanks again!

Elder Woffinden

LA - West Side

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