Monday, August 25, 2014

Positive Attitude Brings Success

Elder B's new hair cut.  Probably a good idea not to cut it yourself! 

Hey everyone! How was everybody’s week??  Mine was a lot better than last week that’s for sure! This week we did a lot of work in the old area book by going by formers or potentials that were recorded in hopes that we could find people to teach. We came to realize that a lot of them don’t live at the address that was given or they had recently moved.   We did find a couple of people this week that are showing good signs of wanting to learn more! We are teaching a guy named B**and his mom L** and currently they are our most solid investigators.  B** is very skeptical of God and doesn’t really believe that He exists or answers people’s prayers. He is very willing to talk and listen to us, but he doesn’t believe that prayer really works.  So this week we prepared some really good lessons on how prayer blesses our lives and how through faith in God and His son, we can be blessed even more.  We had some great talks and we both testified and shared some personal stories about prayer that I could tell really opened his mind to wanting to give it a try.  Well, that’s what he did and his prayers have been awesome! He even taught his little sister about prayer and how to pray which was really awesome to hear!  He hasn’t said if he has gotten an answer to any of his prayers yet, but he does tell us he feels peace and comfort when he prays so that’s always good to hear from an investigator.  It’s going to be hard teaching him and a lot of the other teen kids we have been teaching because of school starting. 

Typical Compton street
C** is another kid we have been teaching and that we had set a baptismal date for on Sept.14th, but we haven’t found him or been able to get a hold of him for about 10 days now so I hope he didn’t get “anti-ed” or fall off the face of the earth.  He is a real solid kid! Hopefully we hear from him soon or we are going to have to drop him which is never an enjoyable task to do, but is necessary at times.

Elder B** and I are doing better together this week, we have been working hard and have been trying our best to have lessons with members present!   This past week has been full of dropped appointments and a whole lot of street contacting which is where we always find the strangest of people.  haha.   We were frustrated because we had not found anyone new to teach or who wanted to talk to us.   One night at like 8:30 pm we stopped and talked to this lady for 20 minutes when all of a sudden the family we had tried to visit a little earlier came home and we were able to stop them, talk to them and pick up 4 new investigators! Sweet!   You never know when you will find people to teach it just happens sometimes at random!
My favorite new butter.  YUM!
This week we have been trying to work on being more positive and point out some of the good things that we do throughout our day during each hour. It’s been hard to remember to do at times, but I can tell that when we focus on the positive things and not the negative, our work goes by a whole lot smoother and our attitudes shape up.   Let’s be honest, we all know I could use that! haha   The week went by pretty quickly and I can’t believe it’s Monday already! We are going out to a place called Bake N Broil in downtown Long Beach today for an Elder’s b-day lunch so I’m excited for that!   

We are hoping to have great success this week and are going to continue our efforts in staying positive even when all the pressure and stress is on the line. We have an additional training tomorrow at the mission office, and I am excited to be able to see "ZL" H** tomorrow!  I know it will be great to see and talk to him and I’m sure it will help lift and brighten my attitude as well.  It’s amazing to hear about all the love, prayers and support you all have shown for me over the course of my mission, words truly can’t describe my gratitude towards you all. Thanks for everything you do and I hope you all have a great and safe week!

Hasta Luego entonces!

E. Woffinden

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