Monday, November 16, 2015

We Had a Baptism This Week!

Akari on her baptism day!
HOLA mis queridos amigos y familiares! 

What’s up with everyone?? How is it being in the beautiful snow?? Yes I did say that I miss it, a lot actually! Even though I wake up freezing, and it’s only in the 50s and 60s in the afternoon and I want to just die, haha. It’s official the weather here has turned me into a wuss, but oh well. 

I had a greet week here in Huntington Beach and we truly saw many miracles, one of which of
Akari and her family.
course was that AKARI GOT BAPTIZED!!! Whoo! Saturday was an awesome day. Even though there were some slight hic ups in the program, and a couple things turned south right before the baptism, we still had a great service and she looked super cute in her princess outfit! The Lord truly blessed me to have been able to meet the A** family. Even though A’s father doesn't show interest right now in the gospel, I have seen him grow so much just by having us coming by, and by seeing the change in his daughter’s life. I know he will join some day and I just pray that I will be able to attend his baptism whether it is next week or 40 years from now. Even though I am not a perfect missionary and I have made mistakes and have flaws, one thing I have learned on my mission is how to love people and express love through actions and service. It’s awesome the change that occurs. After the baptism, we went to her after party where there was this giant carpa (tent) and a DJ, bounce castle, tons of food. They also hired people to make all you can eat tacos, haha. So, of course I gained at least 10 lbs. just Saturday night, but it was a lot of fun even though half of the people there were drinking and having a good time, haha. I will send pics of the after party next week when I have my SD card with me. 

Elder P** and I had a really solid week.
Besides having a baptism, Elder P** and I had a really solid week teaching as well! We taught about 25 lessons and really saw some progress in a couple of people. We were able to meet L** again, finally! I was on splits with a 16 year-old kid with a mow hawk (without gel) The sides of his head were shaved so the missionary image was great, haha. However he has a super strong testimony and actually speaks a decent amount of Spanish for a white kid, I was impressed. He speaks much more than I ever could at his age. As we taught her we were able to also teach her daughter!  Her daughter at first wasn't too thrilled, but then she smiled and was all "Ok, fine this one time," haha. It might be the only time, but I hope she felt something as we taught her! She seemed happy to talk with us and participated a lot so, who knows? We have a giant area to cover and so it is hard to meet with everybody, but we are hanging in there the best we can. Yesterday we had two investigators show up to church that we didn’t even get a chance to teach last week which was crazy!! Maybe that’s the trick! Don’t teach them and they’ll come to church... go figure, haha. But I was super happy about that! 

This week is a zone conference and we are having a visiting authority come and meet with us on
My best friend and study companion.
Thursday, so it should be bomb!! I’m looking forward to that! Also, Temple P-day is on December 1, so when I don’t email on that day you will know why this time, haha. It’s crazy to think that this is my last temple trip of my mission! (except the week before I go home when I go with President Tew). I can’t believe how fast the time flies, but I am going to continue to make the best of it while I am here in HB. With the holidays around the corner, I expect it to be super good here! I am looking forward to them :) But I hope you all had, and will continue to have, a good week, Thanks again for all you do!! 

Gracias por todo que hacen para mi!! Les amo mucho.

Elder Woffinden 

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