Monday, November 9, 2015

Life is Good! We Have a Giant Area and We Are Swamped With Work.

Akari's 10th birthday party...she will be baptized this week.
Buen dia a todos!! Hey what’s up!? How is everyone this week? This past week has been a very long and cold one! Yes, I said cold.  Cali has turned me into a wimp, and every morning when we wake up I just want to die it’s so cold, haha. It has also been raining a lot too and it poured this morning. All of Huntington Beach was a giant river and we were out driving through it while we were doing our P-day routine.  :)  But, this past week has been good being with Elder Passey. We have a GIANT area
We have a BIG area, so I'm glad we have a new car.
to cover and are very swamped with work right now. Yeah, I know that's not what missionaries usually say, haha, but there are not enough hours in the day to go by everyone that we want to visit in both areas, so it has been giving us some real challenges. However, Elder Passey and I get along great and have been really working hard.

Elder P** is 19 years old from Grantsville, Utah. He has been out for almost 16 months and he served with me during the "dream team" months back in Ximeno with the best district ever! So we get along really well. We have been setting high goals for these next 3 months since we have about 25 investigators and tons of less actives and people to go by and visit so we have set goals to invite all our investigators to A**'s baptism this week to weed out the solid ones from the weak ones and to have threee baptisms by January 1!

Akari's family enjoying her birthday.
A** is all set to go with the program being made this week and she will be baptized by a member of the ward that is a really good friend of the family, so we are really excited for her!! I am so stoked! I have been waiting for her baptism for the longest time and now it’s finally happening! This past Wednesday was her 10th birthday and she invited us over to be with the entire family!  It was such a typical Hispanic party, haha, loud, men watching Chivas play Leon in soccer, and kids running around like crazy while the women converse and cook in the kitchen, haha. LOVE IT! We made her cookies and gave her two big teddy bears we had obtained from random service projects we have done and she loved them! It was a lot of fun, and it was good to be involved in Spanish party land again for a little while.

As for the rest of the work, we haven't been able to find L**, again.... She was in the shower last night when we passed by and so I am very frustrated because I know she can easily progress, but she just won’t make time for it right now. Luis is reading like a boss and is now in the Book of Jacob! He wants to be baptized and has a good understanding and testimony of the lessons we have taught, but he is afraid to leave his home unattended with his diabetic "foot", so he uses that as an excuse to stay inside. So I’m not really sure what else we can do at this point, just pray we find a solution to this problem.

We found four new investigators this week, all of which were teenage girls with ages between 15 and
Kowabunga! Take me right over there so I don't get my shoes wet.
16... ugh! All they care to do is flirt, so I don’t really plan on teaching them for too much longer, it’s just a waste of time. However, I am hoping to teach their families all of which are Hispanic, so that would be the ideal situation! We also are teaching a woman named C** who is new and is progressing to a certain extent. We asked her if she believed what we have told her is true and she said yes! However, that’s only because she doesn't think we would lie to her... so we told her she needs to pray and take the steps necessary to find an answer for herself, but she just won’t do it. We have taught her about prayer like 10 times and she still just doesn't get it, so.. yeah, haha. I need to be patient with this one.

I look good on TV! At least on a Walmart Security Cam.
Another person to mention is a man named R** that Elder P** has been teaching, and so now I am getting to know him better. He is a middle aged man who has been a smoker since he was a teen and is in a ferocious battle to quit smoking. He is super cool and an amazing painter and has been getting taught for a couple months now and wants to do what’s right, but he says that if he were to get baptized it would be with a cigarette in his mouth, haha.

I am looking forward to what this next week has to offer and I am ready to reach the goals we have set. I’m doing well and HB is treating me good. Thanks for all that you all do!! Have a great week!

Elder Woffinden

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