Monday, November 2, 2015

Staying in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Zone

What’s up everyone? How was your Halloween weekend? What fun activities did you all do?  As you all probably know this is transfer weekend and the results are in! I am staying in Huntington Beach!  The zone has lost a companionship of Spanish Elders.  Now there is only my companionship for all Spanish speakers in all nine wards here in the Stake!! My new companion is Elder P**!! Woot! Elder J** and Elder B**, both our junior companions, are leaving to Whittier to be in Spanish land and the senior companions are left to take care of HB, ha-ha. So I am very happy and excited for my last two transfers here! However that is a lot of work and a huge area to cover for one companionship.  It will be a big change and a lot of work and miles to cover. But with that being said, I feel that we are going to be blessed and will have success and baptisms. Speaking of which, A** is still good to go so we are ready for that and also we are planning on setting a couple of dates this week with L**! (We finally found her again, she was super busy) She has been reading in the Book of Mormon and praying the whole time we haven't been able to visit her and her desires to keep learning and want to progress in las charlas (the chats or discussions) has still increased! So I am very happy to be working with her again. I also know that the other Spanish elders have some great potential also. So elder P** and I are ready to set dates and get to work.  I'm also glad to hear about Brooke and Tanner getting a new car!  Brock, I will expect to get hooked up as well okay? Ha-ha, jk. But really though... that would be sweet.

Ja and Elder R
The Zone has made a ton of changes and it’s sad to see missionaries leave! I have some solid friends here and it's gonna be hard saying goodbye to them all.  It’s crazy that I only have 12 weeks left on the mish!! It’s amazing how fast time really does fly by even when there are days where it feels like an eternity. I am looking forward to setting new goals and plans to better prefect myself and become a better missionary. To be honest, I was very saddened that I was never called to train, etc. It for sure made me feel like I was an inadequate missionary and that I wasn't good enough. However I guess things happen for a reason, but I just need to finish off strong and keep being positive.
Huntington Beach District
The work here is going to be crazy now since I am adding five more wards of work or just members to try to get to know! It’s lame when members come up to you at church and are all, "Oh hello, are you in our ward?" :/ terrible.  I have been here for 4 months... ha-ha.  Elder J** and I did some great work and he for sure will be missed.  He was a great companion and I hope he enjoys Spanish land and progresses more in the Spanish language. We have several strong investigators  right now, but have had to drop a handful of others who were not progressing. There's lots to do so I hope we have a super good week.

Halloween was pretty cool! We cleaned! Ha-ha. Then we went to the Stake Center and had the zone leaders give us a couple of trainings.  We received transfer facts about the upcoming transfer. On Sunday at the Despedida, Elders O**, J** and P** did a musical number for the fireside and it was super bomb!  It was my free ticket in without an investigator, ha-ha. But, it was a great fireside and I was able to see Y** (my recent convert) and also many other members of different wards in areas I have served in. I absolutely love going to those!!

Well that’s about it for this week, but thanks and love you all!!


Elder Woffinden

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