Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Week of Finding!

A friend in the Care Center we serve at!
This email is from August 24, 2015.  We are finally into the new home with a working internet!

Buenas tardes mi familia! como estan??

Hola! How’s everybody doing this week? Thanks again for another week of emails!  They are always appreciated. But I can’t believe that you have all moved out into our new house! I am here in Sunny HB and I am dreading the move so I’m glad that Brian, Ty, and Tanner are there to move things with dad.  Ha-ha If we ever move again, I will be of service because I have done my fair share of moving people here.  So yeah, pretty well prepared.

Well here we are again another week down here in HB Cali. It was a slower one, but a lot better than last week for sure. However it was a week full of meetings so we didn’t have as much time to work as a normal week. We had combined zone conference and our usual district meetings so we spent a ton of time in suits which I LOVE.  I actually do like it a ton.  Ha-ha  I could wear a suit all the time if I wanted to, but whatever I guess. The work has been improving slowly but the translating at church has been killing me! People need to understand to not talk about the world’s craziest things when they talk especially when there is a translator behind them. Talking about war stories or how they fell in love and decided to pick the names of their children and then somehow tie it into the gospel just doesn't work very well for me translating. Ha-ha

Okay so this week we had Zone conference like I mentioned earlier. It was super good and was one that I actually really enjoyed! I usually love all of the, but sometimes six hours of sitting and talking just slays me.  This one was on getting our investigators to "Do" meaning to act on commitments and make changes in their lives. It was perfect for us here because that is exactly the problems we are facing right now with all of the people we are teaching.  They just won’t commit to church or anything. It really helped me out personally so I hope to apply what I learned into our everyday work.

With the losses of L** and R** last week, it really was hard for me because I was investing all in them, and then to have it crumble.  We did make up for it a little bit when we received a referral from the bordering mission with a guy named R**. So on Thursday we decided to pass by to meet him and see if we could get in contact with him. As we knocked a guy answered the door and his first response was oye guerros!! Sale de aqui ustedes estan perdiendo su tiempo aqui haciendo la obra para alguien se llama jesucristo quien no existe. He pretty much said, “Hey white boys leave here and go home! Stop working for a Christ who doesn't exist.”  He then grabbed my planner out of my pocket which has a picture of Christ and starts yelling at us and pointed to it and saying, “He doesn’t exist” etc... Then he starts getting in my face and pocking my chest with his finger. I didn't know what to think honestly. Ha-ha  I was mad that he was attacking us verbally, but was trying not to laugh as a small Latino man is pocking a white guy who is easily close to a foot taller than him and has like 50 lbs. on him. Ha-ha it was just sad.  We tried our best to not argue with him but he wouldn't stop. I’ll be honest, I did start to contend a little bit, but then just told him to leave as I saw a young kid about 20 walk into the room behind him and surely enough it was R**! ha  So R** came to the door and we actually ended up having a really good half of a first lesson. R** is 20 and moved here from El Salvador about a year ago and he speaks not a lick of English.  We got to know him pretty well and he expressed a lot of interest in what we do considering he has no experience with missionaries at all. So we are both looking forward to teaching him some more this upcoming week.

Nissan GTR - Oh the cars we see here in HB!
G** is another person who we are focusing a lot of time on right now. She is 20 yrs old and has no belief in God whatsoever, but still believes in the Virgin Maria...................... Yeah, makes no sense! We have had a couple great lessons with her and on one of them she just asked us a question about prayer.  She said, "Do you ever pray for people to leave your life?" and we're all um... no? And she responded, "I do" then just broke down into tears. We sat there for a little bit in silence hoping that she would elaborate on her answer and she did. She wants her boyfriend to leave because she doesn't love him anymore and he just uses her and she feels horrible. For the next hour we sat with her outside her apartment and let her just vent her heart away which was perfect because she opened up so much. I can’t think of any better way to build trust with somebody then by listening to their problems and giving insight. It brought to my mind the story of the adulterous woman in the new testament. I’m not sure why, but it just reminded me of her situation and we just tried our best to relate to her and help her out. So I pray that she will be more open and receptive from now on whenever we come over.  That’s about it for exciting investigator stories.

On Tuesday we were able to teach English class again which is always tons of fun! We both try to make the lessons fun and we even brought a LA with us to get her involved and she helped us teach and did a great job. It was a successful night.

Elder J** and I did have a miracle LA find on Wednesday. There is a woman named C** and she is 31 and lives with her mom.  Both are from Guadalajara, Mexico and have been members for about five years, but are completely inactive. After leaving a dinner apt one night, I was driving to our next area when Elder J** says to me, “We should try by C**’s” and I respond, “Nah dude, she is way back in the other direction and we have tried by a couple times already with no success, so let’s just keep going.”  But right after that I also had the prompting to turn around and go to her house.  Upon arriving there we were able to catch her getting ready to take her two dogs out for a walk. Instead of bringing up the church and trying to get down at her for being less active, we were all can we walk with you?? ha-ha She responds back, “Claro que si como no! Les gustarian caminar por 20, 30, o 40 minutos??” Which was of course, “Would you like to go for a long or a short one?”  ha-ha We ended up walking with her and just talked about her life. I didn't bring up the church once and we just had a great casual convo with us. As we returned to her home, she asked if we would like to sit down and "talk".  So we ended up teaching her and it was awesome!

Well that's about it for today. One last thing, at the old folks home there is a woman named H** who is 97 years old and she is the grandma to a famous NFL football players who is soon to be Hall of Famer tight end. Ha-ha   At first I didn't believe it until I saw her room with all his pictures and signed footballs, etc.  So of course, I took a pic with her and talked for a while that's freaking dope!!

But anyways.. love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Con mucho carino
Elder Woffinden

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