Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pride of the World!

Elder T goes home!  Going to miss this guy.
We are back in business.. We haven't had internet for several weeks during our move.  
This email is from August 10, 2015

MI familia!!! Como estan!?  What’s up everyone its super good to hear from you all again! I thank you all for your love and support you send me from home each week it really helps out a lot. This past week was a quick one and surely enough transfers have come and gone again.   Elder J** and I are both staying together for one more here in HB so that should be good! We both are excited to continue to work the area and really want to get a baptism this transfer with A** and L**! This week was the despedida again and it was another hard one for me because I had to say my final goodbyes for a while to some of my best friends here. Elders T**, H**, and B** are all deucin out and it makes me sad but it also reminds me that mine is right around the corner! I think I have 4 more transfers left!! WOW that’s crazy! Ha-ha

P-Day Fun
Hanging out with our district
But okay so to start we had some good success this week teaching our investigators. We were finally able to sit down and teach A** with her dad present! He is the reason why she isn’t baptized and never ever listens to us, but he did this time and the lesson went great! To keep her focused we watched some bible videos. Ha-ha she is doing great and comes to church weekly so we are just in the waiting stages now. We finally talked to Preidente about helping us with L** (our investigator with the leg issues) Pres L** owns a transportation company for people with wheel chairs etc. and he said he would come to our lesson with us this Wednesday to meet L** and try to offer his services etc.!! SWEEET!! This would be huge if we could get him a ride to church because then he could get baptized!

Elders and Sisters having fun!
 This week we also had a super cool finding story. So we got a referral from the sisters here in HB of a woman named R** they had contacted in the streets who was Hispanic. So we decide to pass by the address which they gave us, but it did not exist at all. We said a prayer to help us find this woman and then decided to walk down random streets. We came to a street that had the same address as they had put on the text but on the wrong street. So we decided to knock on the door. This crazy shirtless white man comes to the door and I’m all crap!!....... But I still ask, "Hey man! Is R** home!?" He groans and leaves then a Hispanic woman comes to the door! Ha-ha what luck! She speaks perfect Spanish and English so it was great because it was her! We started talking to her and she blew us off at first and was, “Hey look, I’m Catholic guys just so y’all know”... and I went, “So??? We just want to talk.”  She says, “Okay then talk!” ha-ha. SO we do and we had a pretty good convo. We came to find out that she has a super rough life and actually hates her husband (the white shirtless man) because he uses her and treats her like garbage. So she was all do you all speak Spanish? SI CLARO! and she goes Gracias a Dios que quiero hablar en español así que mi esposo no puede entender jaja which means of good I don’t want my husband to understand us! So she tells us about him for the longest time. Finally I stop and ask her Hermana Esta Feliz?? And she pauses and responds no... then it opened a huge door for us to teach her about what we do and how we can help her find peace in this life of trials. She liked it so much she said she wanted to learn more and come to church!! Whoo!! However she has no car, phone or email since her husband doesn't allow her to have these items. So it’s hard to get a hold of her... but still a miracle!! 

Lamborghini Aventador
So the work is going well for us here in general! However, I do have a funny story that happened to us while we were going to a dinner appointment in the Sea Point ward aka "richville".  We pull into this gated community and I start driving into the complex when this black Lamborghini Aventador zooms past me to my left. I decide to follow it and do all the way to his house. ha-ha.  He pulls into his garage gets out to have me contact him. I go, "Hey bro! that’s a boss car!  Is that the Aventador??” (completely knowing it, but just wanting to make convo) and he responds.... "Yes, it is the Aventador” (in an Italian accent) ha-ha. And he asks, “Who are you and why are you dressed in this attire??”   I explain that we are missionaries and then he just laughs and walks away and says, “LOOK WRONG GUY, I HAVE A LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR, I DON'T NEED GOD" and then goes inside... ha-ha wow piece!!! I was super upset, but oh well the pride of the world in action. 

But yeah that’s about it for me this week! I’m doing well, but I am super nervous since now I am full time translator guy at church for the Hispanics that come.  It is super hard… ha-ha please pray for me!! But anyways love you all tons!! Have a great week!!

Elder Woffinden 

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