Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Power of the Atonement and Forgiveness.

Huntington Beach Zone
Hey what’s up everyone! How’s everyone's week been? Mine has been super good minus the nasty cold I have had since Friday and now left with no voice to speak. Ha-ha. Hoping I will be better by tomorrow. Transfers were this week and both Elder J** and I are staying again for our third transfer together. We both we sort of shocked.  I thought it was going to happen… headed to round three!   Ha-ha. This will be the second longest companionship I have had second to Elder A**! HB is doing well and don’t listen to what you hear on the news about a huge storm.  It was a Tsunami that we had here from the earthquake that happened in Chile (keep them in your prayers).   We only had like 12 inches of water come up so it really wasn’t anything at all.

Elder Woffinden in disguise
As for the work here, we have been making small strides but things are looking up. We are going to teach A** tonight and have some good news from the mom. So apparently with her siblings the only time the dad agreed to allowing them to be baptized was when they came and asked him personally. Soooo we will be talking to her about that and helping build up the courage to do so. I really feel like it will be a huge turning point for her! We appreciate all the prayers on her behalf.  We have other investigators who are progressing well. M** is doing well however is incredibly skeptical of us and loves to let us know that she is Catholic. We took a member out with us who is from Chile and he just dominated the lesson. We didn't get to speak at all... it was good because she loved him.  She did say she would come to church this week so we will see! She has two full lists of anti-material that she wants us to have answered... so we are not going to waste our time since there is no point to it. Her son came home from the hospital he has Cystic Fibrosis and is in really bad shape...I felt terrible because that was the day I knew I had the sore throat and cold and mid lesson she brought up how he can’t have contact with anybody outside with colds, etc. and here I am sick as a dog .. It was bad. Que the quick exit!  But other than that we are still in the finding and sifting phase of the work. As for L** and the winery house we still haven’t been able to catch her at a good time... so I hope soon.

Elder O and Jason
P-Day Basketball Fun!
This Sunday was Stake Conference and it was super good. The Stake President gave a talk that really humbled me. A lot of people think that missionaries are without flaws or weakness. The reason I mention that is because earlier in the day I was reading in my journal from about a year ago. It was when I was in Compton white washing. Things that I had written out of frustration, disappointment, and anger really took a toll on me and as I read my remarks and I felt sick and ashamed of myself. I know we had a hard time then, but I couldn't believe how egoistical I was only thinking about myself. SO for the whole morning and majority of conference I was super depressed and disgusted with myself knowing that people may read my journal one day and think I was a horrible missionary. However, the President’s talk was on the atonement and forgiveness.  He mentioned a story about when he was a child and had to clean Tupperware containers for his mom to remove nasty spaghetti stains. He mentioned on how he didn't understand how some stains took longer to soak in the bleach because of the degree of the stain, but as he left it in there for more time and it always came out clean. I then realized that I have since learned from my "journal entry" mistakes and ever since then my journal entries and my attitude have been way more positive and uplifting.   As long as I keep doing better, my posterity will see the change and not make the same mistakes I did. So it reminded me of 2 Ne 4: 15 which went perfectly with it. So yeah that was something I learned this past week.
Our District

Other than that everything else is great, there was a baptism in our district and we had a bomb pancake study session at the Sea Point Ward Mission Leader’s home again (every Saturday).  I love it! I hope to report more next week on our new investigators.

I love you all and hope everything goes well back home! Thanks for all the love and support you all bring to me. Have a great week.

Elder Woffinden

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