Monday, September 28, 2015

It Was a Great Week in Huntington Beach!

The brave Huntington Beach Zone and the Jabanero Challenge. I can't resist!
Hey family, what’s up! How was everyone’s week? It was super good to hear from you all again. I always appreciate all the emails and support from back home.

Well to begin, I want to start by saying this week was an awesome week! It was super cool and we truly had a lot of miracles and successes from the Lord. We set three new baptismal dates and found a young woman we are positive will be baptized on the October 24th.  I will explain her story in a
Little pieces of dynamite!
second. We had a great week working with the members, but also had a good week on finding and really sifting out the investigators and dropping those who aren’t interested at the moment.

This week I received a letter in the mail from church headquarters with my "trunky papers"... wow, crazy!! I come home in less than 4 months and I only have two more transfers after this one. I honestly have no idea what to do with my life, so I had an interview with President T** to seek his counsel on what I should do or what would be best for my return date.

As for the work here in Huntington Beach, we had a great week! I want to say that A**’s baptism is set up for October 24th and it’s a 90 percent “yes” as of now! I’m super happy and excited for her! We also had an amazing find this week of a young girl named R**. We have seen this girl in the past, but she would always avoid us and hide whenever we would walk by. But, last Wednesday we went by her house and decided to knock on her door. It was early in the morning so she had just awakened and opened the door and started talking to us. She wasn’t super interested at first, however she allowed us to share a message. We set up a time to visit again later that afternoon when she would be properly dressed and ready etc. So we passed by again at 4:00 PM. She was home, but was clearly going through a rough situation at the moment. We talked to her sister outside when all of a sudden we heard this wailing and bawling coming from inside the house. We were shocked at what happened, but her sister ran in to see what was wrong. Five minutes later they both came out crying and told us how her boyfriend had called and confessed that he had been unfaithful to her with someone she was very close to, she was a mess! We told her that we would pass by on Friday when things weren’t so fresh and chaotic. On Friday we arrived at her house and taught an amazing first lesson! She started to cry and really opened up to us and explained how she felt good and that she had hit rock bottom and wanted a solution or way to happiness. We committed her to pray that night to God for the first time and to ask for answers and guidance, and she agreed. We then asked when we could see her again and she told us tomorrow morning. So on Saturday morning we passed by again. She was home and super happy to see us! We sat down and started talking when she opened up and said, "…okay, I need help. I have two problems, the first; I can’t forgive anybody, so I need help with forgiveness. The second, I have an uncontrollable pot addiction and can’t stop.... can you guys help me find relief and peace in my life?? “ Right then and there the Spirit came in and my companion told her the blessings that come from living the gospel and opened up baptism to her and invited her right on the spot! She didn’t even hesitate. She said, "Yes, I will do anything to get baptized and feel peace in my life.” So she accepted a baptismal date for October 24th as well!! WHOO!! Now, the bad news.... She doesn’t speak Spanish and so we will have to pass her on to the Young Single Adult elders.... ugh, frustrating! But it’s still cool how the Lord blessed us to find her!

I like running through the sprinklers, but this is ridiculous!
Right after that we went to dinner and heard that the U of U completely trounced the Oregon Ducks in football, haha, sweet!! Also that night, we had a very powerful quick lesson where we found a new investigator and her mother. Both of these ladies are named Lupe and are awesome! We had a very spiritual lesson on prayer and the love of God in our lives. They loved talking to us and were cracking jokes, it was just great. The daughter then asked why there are so many different faiths in the world and why we all don’t believe in the Virgin Mary. So we set up a return appointment for tonight to teach the first lesson!! So please wish us luck!

That pretty much sums up the teaching and major highlights of the week. We struggled finding our less active members this week because everyone was busy with work or school. Hopefully, we will have a better week with them next week. The work is going well, the people are awesome, and HB is beautiful! Also, the Blood Moon last night was freaking sweet, haha!  I’m sure you all were watching intently.

I hope for the best for you all. Please stay safe and keep working hard!!

Love Elder Woffinden 

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